Friday 27 July 2012

Totoro phone case

You don't wanna know how much time Aly waited for this.. it's kinda embarrassing..
She asked for a Totoro phone case and here it is, finished just today!

Thursday 26 July 2012

Top refashion and shorts preview

Hey everyone! I've had a lot to do this days since vacation are finally approaching.. but I managed to dedicate some time to do a bit of crafting.

Wednesday 25 July 2012

Top ten myths about introverts

Here is something interesting..

"Top ten myths about introverts

Myth #1 – Introverts don’t like to talk.
This is not true. Introverts just don’t talk unless they have something to say. They hate small talk. Get an introvert talking about something they are interested in, and they won’t shut up for days.
Myth #2 – Introverts are shy.
Shyness has nothing to do with being an Introvert. Introverts are not necessarily afraid of people. What they need is a reason to interact. They don’t interact for the sake of interacting. If you want to talk to an Introvert, just start talking. Don’t worry about being polite.
Myth #3 – Introverts are rude.
Introverts often don’t see a reason for beating around the bush with social pleasantries. They want everyone to just be real and honest. Unfortunately, this is not acceptable in most settings, so Introverts can feel a lot of pressure to fit in, which they find exhausting.
Myth #4 – Introverts don’t like people.
On the contrary, Introverts intensely value the few friends they have. They can count their close friends on one hand. If you are lucky enough for an introvert to consider you a friend, you probably have a loyal ally for life. Once you have earned their respect as being a person of substance, you’re in.
Myth #5 – Introverts don’t like to go out in public.
Nonsense. Introverts just don’t like to go out in public FOR AS LONG. They also like to avoid the complications that are involved in public activities. They take in data and experiences very quickly, and as a result, don’t need to be there for long to “get it.” They’re ready to go home, recharge, and process it all. In fact, recharging is absolutely crucial for Introverts.
Myth #6 – Introverts always want to be alone.

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Uniqso Circle Lens Giveaway and stuff

Before I began babbling about my random stuff (as usual) I've to share a giveaway!! :D and LBD & onesies are giving away a pair of circle lens! You chose the one you want! It's open internationally and it'll run from July 13 to August 9. You can click on the picture to enter!

Talking about giveaways.. it seems like I was chosen as a winner for the Oasap super giveaway! I'm very excited even if I won't believe it until I receive the dress.. I've never (EVER) won something so I'm kinda sceptical xD
Here it is! Pretty, huh? :D

Wednesday 18 July 2012

Tuesday 17 July 2012

June's favourites

New favourites, from Ray and Mrbh, July's issues.
Ok, I think I've a thing for shorts+jacket combination <3


Monday 16 July 2012


Hi people!! Happy July! Hope everyone is doing fine. I finished the summer session a couple of weeks ago and I just finished my break-week too, gnaaah D:
I've to get back on my books though if I want to get something done in September. I'll go on official vacation from the first August so I've to concentrate again now. It has been a strange week.. but I managed to relax and do some things I was postponing since ages: