Friday 24 June 2011

Random post

"Hey everyone! How's been your week?
Mine was pretty boring, I'm studying for the last exam (13th July) and I did nothing funny. I saw my friends only once but other than that I just nerd-ed a lot.

I joined a swap called "Not Quite Normal Penpals Returns": "you will write to one partner a basic introduction letter with one simple twist- in this letter, you will introduce your "bad" side. Whatever it is about you that you think other people don't always approve of.."
It seemed quite interesting and I think this'll be a long letter xD Maybe I'd share some passages here if it doesn't come out too weird!

What else.. hum.. I'm still looking for a nice haircut since my hair is growing pretty quickly and they don't have a decent shape anymore. I downloaded some Japanese magazine about hairstyles and hair care and I "flipped through" them to look for ideas. This is my top 3:

Not bad, huh? :D

I still have lots of crafty projects on my to-do list (it's growing longer and longer!) and I'm looking forward the end of the summer session to dedicate my full attentions to it. I do craft a bit after dinner, but I can make just small projects. Probably I'd also be able to attend "sewing classes" next month and I really can't wait, I've so many ideas bubbling in my head.. I just hope that I won't forget them.

What are you girls going to do tonight? Anything funny?
I just decided with my friends to eat Kebab tonight.. mmh yummy, I've not eaten it in a while!

Have a great week end everyone!

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Sunday 19 June 2011

Hope you don't mind if I share a bit of my week

"Hi girls!
As said in the title I hope you don't mind if I share few recent things with you. It's been a strange week, few things happened that had different effects on me.. be patient with my ramblings, please!

First of all I did an exam on Thursday, it was about marketing, that's one of my favourite subjects.
I had to do this test with the silliest of the methods: the teacher dictated to us the first question and we had 20 minutes to answer, then she'd dictate the second and give us 20 minutes to answer and then the third and after 20 minutes we had to hand our test in. Crazy! Also because they are very generic question, like "discuss the packaging theme" (.. err WTH!!) and at the end you don't even have the time to re-read what you wrote.
Anyway I did it and after my 20 minutes ride by train to go back home I met with a friend to make some grocery shopping. We both love Asian food, so, since she works close to my place, we met once a week to have lunch together. Look :D

There are ramen packages, Ravioli, spring rolls and chips. Yum!!

The following day then I had a very nice surprise: my mum works in a school that has fashion classes and they're doing stocktaking. Apparently they had to threw away stuff that is in very good condition, so she brought me a tailor's dummy.. aaah I'm so happy!! She brought me some books too that teachers use during classes and they're simply amazing, all those fascinating drawings of dresses and clothes.. I'd take some pictures to show you. I can barely hide the excitement!

Oh I need a name for this lady now, any suggestions?

It's like a source of inspiration, like I need to use it! I already have few ideas: a summer pyjamas from old bad sheets, a lace vest and few reconstruction.. I'll post some pics when I'm done and I really can't wait to get to work! Also because.. I was about to spend some money on a website to buy me few summer things, but the shipping costs were too much and I decided that I'd try to make them myself. Mh! I think I'm putting myself into something too big for me, but I'll try anyway!"

Also, random info, I'm working on my commission page, it'll be ready soon :D

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Saturday 18 June 2011

#22 photography post - Greyness

I took it months ago while waiting for someone to.. hum pick me up if I remember correctly.

Saturday 11 June 2011

Spongebob plushie

New plushie!! :D
This is a commission a friend made. I hope he'll like it more than I do xD Probably I hate it just because I spent hours on it..
How is it anyway? :D

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Saturday 4 June 2011

Blog challenge - Day 4/4 - SUMMER DIY theme

Last day of the "Blog challenge" has come :D

〜(^∇^〜) SUMMER DIYS (〜^∇^)〜

Last group of tutorial is about:

[DAY 4] top/dress ++ skits/ shorts

[DAY 1] beach bags ++ sunglasses

[DAY 2] flip flops ++ swim suits cover ups
[DAY 3] swim suits ++ hair accessories and hairstyles

Take a look!!

Friday 3 June 2011

Blog challenge - Day 3/4 - SUMMER DIY theme

Here we go with the 3rd day of the "Blog challenge"!!

〜(^∇^〜) SUMMER DIYS (〜^∇^)〜

Today's tutorials'll be about..

[DAY 3] swim suits ++ hair accessories and hairstyles

[DAY 4] top/dress ++ skits/ shorts

[DAY 1] beach bags ++ sunglasses
[DAY 2] flip flops ++ swim suits cover ups


Thursday 2 June 2011

Blog challenge - Day 2/4 - SUMMER DIY theme

So, liked yesterday's post? :D I hope so! But now let's think about [DAY 2].

〜(^∇^〜) SUMMER DIYS (〜^∇^)〜

[DAY 2] flip flops ++ swim suits cover ups

[DAY 3] swim suits ++ hair accessories and hairstyles

[DAY 4] top/dress ++ skits/ shorts
[DAY 1] beach bags ++ sunglasses

Let's get started with flip flops!

Wednesday 1 June 2011

Blog challenge - Day 1/4 - SUMMER DIY theme

I recently joined a swap called "Blog challenge": I've to make a post related to a theme once a day for 4 consecutive days before the deadline. So let's get this started!! :D
The themed I chose is "craft" but! since the hot season is coming, I picked a list of:

〜(^∇^〜) SUMMER DIYS (〜^∇^)〜

I thought about hot weather, white beaches, crystalline water.. what is usually needed to rock on the sand??
I made a selection of objects that can be useful during summer (and I obviously had the sea in mind!) and for these items I've some tutorials, to realize a DIY version of them. Here is the list of the stuff I'll post about in these 4 days:

[DAY 1] beach bags ++ sunglasses
[DAY 2] flip flops ++ swim suits cover ups
[DAY 3] swim suits ++ hair accessories and hairstyles
[DAY 4] top/dress ++ skits/ shorts

Let's see some beach bags then..