Tuesday 20 April 2010

I want to do it again!!

Soooo I really had great time last 2 weeks, I did so many things.
"But in order: I spent Easter holiday with my family, as usual. We didn’t do anything special since the time we spent in Torre del Greco was rather short, but when we came back home I brought back someone :D You know, in the same apartment building in which lives my grandma, at the upper floor lives a girl called Maria Lucia. She’s my best friend since childhood. Our mothers were schoolmates and friends too and we’re keeping the tradition alive.

The only bad thing is that she lives in Torre del Greco and I moved away from there when I was 3, but we’re still friends despite of the distances and the long time. At the beginning we sent each other letters and I’d see her just during holidays, when I went to visit my grandma, then, luckily, we discovered msn!! It’s much more simple to keep in touch now. We talk everyday. In addiction, since my dad is living at my grandma’s place now, I see her a lot more often than ever before.

Anyway this year she found some free time to come to Reggio with me. It’s the second time she comes here, last time though (2 years ago) she’d spend just few days so we’d not do that much. This year instead she’d spent 10 days at my place and we had so much fun!!

The firsts two days we had to stay at home cause I had a French exam, so I had to study a bit, but in the weekend I took her to Bologna. There is a huge street market called Montagnola (it means “little mountain”, it’s called like that ‘cause all the stalls are on a knoll) and we went to do some shopping. It’s a cool place cause there are a lot of strange things, you know like metal clothes, visual stuff and such. Personally I dun wear them, but sometimes I find some cute things that suits my style. We had a walk through the city and then we came back home.

Other funny things we did during the week.. hum.. well, we went to eat to an Asian restaurant. I love Asian food, but especially Japanese dishes that are rather expensive! Buuut we found our heaven when we discovered a restaurant that has a buffet, and you can eat whatever you want with 10€. We were so happy (and so full when we came back home XD ).

We also watched some live DVD of some bands we like and a lot of episodes of “Supernatural”. Such a cool serie!!

Oh and also that week my bro got his degree in informatics engineering, so we went to his academic defence and assisted at the proclamation. It was kinda exciting and my parents were so happy and proud. We went out to dinner that evening and then the following day Maria Lucia, my family and I got on the car and went to Torre del Greco again: my parents had organized a party for my bro in order to celebrate properly with all the family. We went in a pub and ate a lot of good things. I made a banner for my bro and I brought him a hard-hat as a present XD ."

We really had fun (as you can see XD ).

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