Saturday 28 May 2011

Bracelets Display/Organizer Tutorial & a swap

Such a full week! But I managed to finish this organizer and make a little tutorial.
My bracelets were always all messy and tangled together, I didn't even know the stuff I had, so I came up with this system to make some order and finally use some of my jewelry xD I got inspired from this "old belt to bag holder" tutorial from Bored and crafty I saw months ago. Hope this'll be useful! :D

You Will Need:
Organza Ribbon
leather Belt
Project Budget
Almost Nothing


Friday 27 May 2011

Saturday 14 May 2011

Inspiration - part 2

I'm hunting >:D
..I mean, my plan for the wardrobe renewal (I'm making a lace vest by the way, it's almost done!) has just expanded to accessories too now :D
I went shopping (regular shopping this time) with a friend and I bought this:

Then we went to a shop called Bijou Brigitte.. they have all kind of jewelry and wherever I turned there was INSPIRATION blinking at me from every corner. I saw a long necklace with a compass and another with a carousel.. just aww! And I discovered my passion for long, simple necklaces:

I went home and browsed their site and find so much awesome stuff.. I felt so inspired by the maritime line, I want to make myself some hair accessories and some jewelry that fit with this theme, so I'm hunting whatever can come handy for this purpose.
I'm crazy. Really, I know, but look:

They're cute D:

I also want to make a decent jewelry storage.. I've one already for my earrings but my bracelets and necklaces are still hidden and all tangled together D:
I found these tutorials that seem cool!

(click on each pic to see the tutorials)

I like the last two a lot! Even if I can't think of a more simple way to hang the bust D: Damn it!
Last thing (and I'm done, I promise)! I saw these bags in a library, in our shopping trip and I fell in love:

Little geisha all over the place *runs in circle in happiness* and in the second one you can put your own photo inside the clear pockets *O* I want to make myself one, just let me find a tutorial >:D

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Friday 13 May 2011

#18 photography post - Horse

Summer 2008 in Abruzzo. I felt inspired.. but I definitely need to improve my title choice >_>

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Tuesday 10 May 2011

Inspiration - part 1

Hum.. this is an idea that's going through my mind since a bit.. I posted it in the's forum and I thought to spread it around..

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Sunday 8 May 2011

Tea and mug rug

Crafty swap :D

"Just something different! Try this. Remember a mug rug is about 5x7 inches! Translation to cm escapes me at the moment. Sender's choice on tea and fabric colors. The pocket is what sets this apart! So if you like another fabic arrangement, it's a ok!"

So here you are the one I made: (click here to get the tutorial and here if you want to make an oval one)

Ans this is the one I received. I love the geisha pocket :D

I had a mug hugger as extra too

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Saturday 7 May 2011

#17 photography post - Panda

Panda in Berlin's zoo!! It's so big an fluffy (。⌒∇⌒)。
Hey is it normal for pandas to have their muzzles covered in (not their own) blood? (°A°)

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Friday 6 May 2011

DIY come riciclare buste con le bolle

Quando partecipavo a tante swap avevo sempre lo stesso problema: non appena finito di recuperare tutti gli elementi da spedire mi ritrovavo sempre senza buste a portata di mano (anche se, ovviamente, erano sempre tra i piedi quando non ne avevo bisgno). Così ho pensato, invece di buttare via quelle che arrivavano, una volta svuotate, si potevano riutilizzare per le mie spedizioni!
Risparmio e riciclo in modo carino ed originale!

busta cover

Ecco cosa vi servirà per questo progetto: rivista/e, scotch largo trasparente, colla, forbici e una bella busta (anche brutta va bene) con le bolle da reciclare!

Wednesday 4 May 2011

A very productive day

Yeeeah I feel happy as every girls that goes out shopping after a very bad day and comes back home with bags and bags full of awesome stuff.. know the feeling? xD
I had just a bag and my shopping might seem a bit strange, but whatever xD
Sooo I went out with a friend of mine to this Chinese grocery shop. I don't know why I've never actually gone inside before, maybe it kinda intimidates me xD but yesterday we met to buy some groceries to eat together when she'll come here during lunch breaks and we take a good look at the stuff on the shelves.
There are all kind of snacks and spices and weird stuff! We bought a package of vegetable and meat filled Chinese ravioli. They look yummy, can't wait to eat them :D
Then, with the help of girl that was shopping to herself (we probably scared her to death), we found the precious ramen *ç* and I finally bought myself a bowl to eat it 8D YES!!

It's huge!! And the dragon is kinda cool xD

The good thing of this place is that they have ingredient for asian cooking's recipes that are damn hard to find in other grocery stores. The soy spaghetti for example!
Thay also have a nice stock of asian magazines that's definitely worth a good look. DIY inspiration I'm coming ^3^

Also in a hairstylists' shop I bought a new tube of hair colour. I was very tempted to buy "apple green", a very cool turquoise.

Early this week I found a nail polish with a nice violet shade and a binder with the strangest (and the most random) cover xD I like the notes though!

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Tuesday 3 May 2011

7 Days of Mail

This was a very funny and smart swap :D

"For this swap you will put some goodies and a cheery note into one very small envelope and label it ONE put that envelope into a little bit bigger envelope along with another note and some more goodies and label it TWO put that envelope into an envelope that is again a little bigger along with another note and more goodies and label it THREE etc. Do this until you have an envelope labeled ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN. The very biggest envelope (labeled SEVEN), will be the one that you put your partner's address and stamps on.
When you receive your envelope open one envelope every day for a week (seven days) to reveal some fun! Try to hold off on opening everything at once, the fun part is that you have mail every single day for a week- including Sunday!
Please put a little different note in each envelope (7 notes total) just to say hi, explain what the goody is, or to wish your partner a great day etc.

What I received from the USA

Monday 2 May 2011

Share your J.Rock favourites

Pwahah! Special post for a swap I hosted in the Jrock_swap group @ swap-bot :D

Swap-bot swap: Share your J.Rock favourites

"All you have to do is chose your favourite songs (al least 1 from 3 different bands but more would be awesome! - I know that chose just 1 song from your supah fav band'd be difficult xD ) from you favourite J.Rock artists and send an e.mail to your partner with a link where he can find the songs, listen to them and appreciate them."

Maan, that was difficult.. to chose just few songs.. ARGH! I didn't know which one pick up, but in the end this is my selection. Enjoy! :D

Dir en grey - Kodou

Other songs (meeeh, I'm sorry I'd not help it ^__^'' ): Itoshisa wa Fuhai ni Tsuki, Lotus, The Final, 蜷局.

The GazettE - Silly God Disco

Other songs: THE TRUE MURDEROUS INTENT, Filth in the beauty.

Plastic tree - Mirai Iro

Aaaaand, other band I loooove

Rentrer en soi - Gedoku Magaini SUICIDE.

Kaggra, - 四季, 戯曲 かごめ謡, 白ゐ嘘.

Sadie - サイレントイヴ.

Girugamesh - Owari to mirai, Beast.

One ok rock - Liar.

This is all people. Let me know any positive/not so positive opinions :D

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