Tuesday 20 December 2011

2011 last projects - sneak peak

Yo people!
Want to take a look at the lastest projects I'm working on? They're going to become Christmas presents for my boyfriend and my cousins (who made commissions). I really hope they'll like them!
Can you guess what they are? :D


oh and I created a new board to gather my favourite books.. still a lot to pin here xD

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Saturday 17 December 2011

My Christmas roundup

Hi there everyone!
I said this before but the crafty awesomeness lately really is overwhelming, it makes you want to drop everything you're doing and sew, glue, cut and create. But! My family and I don't spend Christmas at home, we usually go back in Torre del Greco and we celebrate at my grandma's house, so it's pretty useless to decorate our home. We make the tree because it's a tradition and this year I had the "honour" to take care of it with my (chinese, who doesn't celebrate Christmas) boyfriend! XD

But I actually love Christmas-ish decorated houses, they look so warm and bright.. I got all excited and I saved tons of photos lately from various bloggers who shared their decorating skills. I'd like to show you my favourites, maybe they''ll be inspiring for you too!

1 and 2- A modern Christmas @ Sitting in a tree; 3- Christmas home tour 2011 @ Centsational girl; 4- Candy Christmas dessert table @ Shindig parties to go.

And more incredible projects and tutorials on my Christmas board on Pinterest, full to bursting point by now:

I saw this very interesting post about colours too: Color 101: the color wheel @ The 36th avenue. And, not Christmas related, but it's just too cool: Modern Alice in wonderland wedding @ Hostess with the mostess.

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Friday 9 December 2011

#31 photography post - Acque chiare

Taken yesterday, while wandering around in the park close to my place.

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Thursday 8 December 2011

I'd focus..

Yo people! How's life?
Here it's cold and foggy but hey, who cares? Christmas is approacching, there is no time to be moody xD My Pinterest boards are exploding because of all the wonderful projects I see around lately.. inspiration overload! I'll go into a tailspin soon xD

I'll handmake the majority on my Christmas presents this year, I've already listed what I'm going to make for who. I'd also like to take care of the wrapping and do something nice to make everything more special and original.. I'd just like to have more time, I find it particularly difficult to concentrate on sewing lately, damn it D: FOCUS!!
Want to know what I'm working on also? No? Oh well, I'll tell you anyway.. I bought a little-size binder and I'm going to turn it in a recipe holder! As usual I made a draft to take note of the particulars (I'm kinda forgetful D: )

So basically I want to make a collage on the covers and envrap it with plastic so it won't get dirty, then find some cute food related paper to decorate the inside.
I flipped through my old anime/manga magazines to find some images and this is an initial idea:

What do you think? I love the One Piece image >: D !!

Last night I watched a live on TV: Coldplay live from London and it was love all over again with them <3 I mean, Chris was rolling himself on the floor covered in confetti! How can you not love him?!?!
"Major minus" from their last album "Mylo Xyloto" in my new current obsession xD :

Oh and look at this awesome nail polish I found last week, it makes a crack effect, it's very cool!

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Tuesday 29 November 2011

Still alive!

Yo I'm back :D ! Thanks to my awesome boyfriend my pc is alive and kicking again and I'd finally bring myself up to date with the lastest news in the crafting world! This is why I'm bringing PINS!!

And! A friend told me about this new CBS' serie about two penniless girls and err cupcakes xD It's "2 Broke girls", it rocks, really, give it a try!

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Monday 31 October 2011

Halloween pins special!

So, as promised, here you go my favourite Halloween DIY projects!
There is a little bit of everything: costumes and make up, recipes, decorations and some printables too. Click on the preview to take a look at my "Spooky pins" board!

Now this song is "This is Halloween" from "Nightmare before Christmas".. with a twist >:D
It's the J.Rock version, played by Sadie. Track taken from "V-Rock Disney" compilation. It'll surprise you, give it a listen!

Happy Halloween people!

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Monday 24 October 2011

Yummy Japanese Recipe with a Surprise

Recipe swap!!
<span class=
"This is a swap for everyone who loves Japanese food.. write down one of your favourite Japanese recipes.. With your recipe, send an item of small value that has something to do with eating Japanese food.. Itadakimasu!!"

I took the recipe from a video on the "Cooking with dog" channel. I chose Omurice as recipe for this swap. It's rather simple and the ingredients are common so it's easy to do.

And the recipe I received was Yakisoba! :D

Sunday 23 October 2011

Japanese Song - Email Swap

"This is a very very simple swap: you will have 3 partners, and you will send them an e-mail about 1 Japanese song you know (and possibly like! =P).
You should include: - a YouTube link to listen to the song; - Lyrics (possibly with translation); - a few infos about the singer/band and it would be nice if you write a little about the song, telling your partner why you like it or not, how you came to know about it and so on...."

...it's hard to chose just one song, but I think I'll go with one of my favourite bands.
I chose "Vanitas" by Dir en grey.
I saw this band live in Italy two times already and it can't really be described the feelings they give me.. anyway this song is from "Dum spiro spero", their last album, hope you'll like it.

You can read here some info about the band.
If you're interested and want to read more, take a look at this entry on my blog: Share your j.rock favourites!

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Thursday 20 October 2011

Cookies and bentos

A nice day out means something yummy to eat, so I made pasta frolla (short pastry) cookies!

- 200 gr. flour;
- 100 gr. butter;
- 90 gr. sugar;
- 2 yolks (keep the egg's whites to decorate);
- dark chocolate (half bar more or less).

Two different types: one covered with meringue and the other dipped in dark chocolate, NOMNOMNOM

And I made meringues with the remaining eggs' white.

Also lately I've this new obsession with bento's accessories. Honestly I don't think the content of a bento box'd ever be able to feed me properly, they're so small xD but I like the concept and the accessories are so cute, not to talk about the decorations you can make with food.
I'd like to share these cute blogs, they're inspiring to say at least!!

Bento Lunch

I also gave a try to this Giveaway: Kawaii Bento Picks @ Zakka Life to win these cute picks

I've not been lucky, oh well xD

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Wednesday 19 October 2011

Birthday and pins

Soooo it's been my birthday last week (the 13th) and these three pictures can resume my day, pretty much xD

1. After Eight, mint chocolate thins, the very first (and very appreciated) present from a friend;
2. The bunch of flowers my dad gave me;
3. The cake for my birthday party.

My relatives made me a (slightly spoiled) surprise and came to Reggio Emilia :D I had a great day with them, sewing and playing volleyball. It's been a definitely nice birthday!
I wanted to make myself decorations for the party but there wasn't the time. I follow several blogs to look for inspiration and recently I enjoyed these ideas from "Hostess with the mostess":

And now, as usual, here you go my pins of the week:

I'm going to make a special post with my Halloween favourites next week, stay tuned :D

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Tuesday 18 October 2011

Domo Kun Pouch tutorial

I joined a "Domo swap" and had to send a Domo kun item, so I decided to create this little pouch and made a tutorial out of it. I hope my partner'll like it and that you'll find this tutorial useful! :D

You Will Need:
brown, black, red and white Felt
1 brown Zipper
brown, black, red and white Thread