Friday 22 July 2011

#24 photography post - Pigeons

I know this is a strange photo, but I kinda like it. These two pigeons were resting on a plant on my balcony and I felt like taking a pic xD

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Saturday 16 July 2011

Choose your own theme in a Ziplock

Swap sharing 8D

"This swap will be a bit different because... YOU pick the theme of the BAGGIE you will receive.
For this swap, you will list 5 themes you offer to send.. Once partners are assigned, you will come back to this main page, pick which baggie theme you would like to receive from the list your partner has made and send them a message to let them know which one to send."

I chose the "Buttons and Trim baggie" that my partner offered:

Saturday 2 July 2011


Finally I'm on vacation!! Yes!! 8D
This year has been so.. uhm.. unusual! I needed some rest.
I'm trying to organize my time in order not to wait it and arrive at the end of summer without doing what I wanted (I know it's going to happe anyway >_> )
Days ago I read this article about "Organizing project and inspiration using Pinterest" on Craftzine and I found it a very smart idea, so I requested an invitaion and started to pin all the project I've in mind. You can take a look at my boards clicking the button:

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Since I've some free time I actually managed to make some decent shopping! Sales bagan just the week of my last exam, so I had hard times to force myself on the books and not go out, spending all my money. I did it this week end though xD

Aaah I saw this Fifi lapin t-shirt this spring and I'd not buy it cause it was too expensive, I'm so happy with it :D

Nights ago wondering on YouTube I made the best of the discoveries!! Oks, maybe I'm overreacting but for an asian freak like me it's such a nice thing *sighs dreamily*
I stumbled upon this chanel called "Cooking with dog"

A channel full of video recipes about how to make Japanes dishes. The more I watched the more I wanted to try every recipes *__* I'm waiting for a friend to go to the Chinese grocery shop to make some shopping. Last time I went I also got some stuff to make sushi (soy sauce, sushi mat and nori seaweed). I can't wait to try *is all ahppeh*

And, to conclude this long useles post, a little crafty update: I finished my pyjamas made from bad sheets. I also used it, it's comfy :D And I embroidered a little panda on the shirt *is very proud of it*

Ok, this is all people! Till next time *waves*

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Friday 1 July 2011

#23 photography post - Dragon

I took this one when I went to Berlin. It's outside the aquarium. I like it a lot :D