Tuesday 6 July 2010

T-shirts reconstructions

Here I'm to share some reconstructions I made this summer. I tried for the very first time and even if they're not perfect, I'm kinda proud :D
So let's start with my favourite!

I had this huge Coexist t-shirt. I loved it but it was definitely too big for me. Rummaging in my closet I found this black top, cute but a bit boring D:

It's math people: loved huge t-shirt + plain, cute top = loved top!!

I simply cut the writing and sewed it on the front of my top. I had this little peace sign charm so I tied a little bit of ribbon around it and sewed it in place.
And I was done! :D

To the second recon now!
I loved the colour and the neckline of the orange t-shirt but the written was terrible. On the other end, I loved the design of the white t-shirt but it was old and worn.

So I used pretty much the same proceeding as before: cut the interesting part of the white t-shirt and sewed it on the orange one to cover the written. I also added orange ribbon to decorate and cover the white pepper (that you can still see poking out in that pic xD )

Last, but not least am even more simple recon: black t-shirt, a pink top underneath and a pair of scissor. Not difficult to imagine how I did it xD

So, what do you think? Is it a good start? :D

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