Friday 28 January 2011

DIY cloud pouch

Yay! First time sewing a zippered pouch! It's cute though :D

If you take a look at my CO+K entry you'll find the tutorial to make one. Not cloud shaped, but oh well, it's rather simple to draw a cloud out of an half circle XD
I made this little pouch for a swap:
January 2011 Profile Surprise Swap

Swap-bot swap: January 2011 Profile Surprise Swap
I swap with Swap-bot!
"This is a simple swap. Send your partner 5 profile based items"

Sent with these other things:

Saturday 22 January 2011

#5 photography post - Starfishes

The first of the year I took a walk on the beach and I saw this: a carpet of dead starfishes.

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Friday 14 January 2011

#4 photography post - Main square

New Friday new photography post!
I took this one few weeks ago, it's the main square in Rapallo, that's one of my favourite place ever. Stupid lights make the photo look a bit shaky, I need a tripod D:<

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Wednesday 12 January 2011

Saturday 8 January 2011

#3 photography post - Pink tree

Finally some serious posting again :D
I took the photo in a public garden in Salerno.
During Christmas period every corner of the city is embellished with awesome illuminations related to different themes.
The photo kinda sucks but the subject is very nice. Imagine to walk in a garden where trees, animals, flowers and plants are made of shiny, colorful little lights. Very suggestive!

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Thursday 6 January 2011

Christmas swaps - part 1

I joined few Xmas swap in November so, when I come back home I found a lot of cool packages under my tree :D


Wednesday 5 January 2011

Take my Furry Friend on Tour

Now this is an awesome swap!!

Swap-bot swap: Take my Furry Friend on Tour!!
I swap with Swap-bot!
"I want to take a vacation this Christmas sooooo bad!! And since we all know it's not so easily afforded these days, why don't we just send a representative... say our beloved toy? :D THIS SWAP IS SIMPLY:
1) send a stuff toy to your partner

2) your partner takes your stuff toy around on a tour of their city's most popular tourist spots or your favorite local spots or special unknown places you think should be a tourist spot hahahah

3) takes a memorable picture or pictures!

4) creates a little album

5) sends stuff toy and album back to you :)"

Few days before leaving for Paris this piece of cuteness arrived to my place

And this is my little man I send in the USA :D

I've made tons of pictures in Paris and in Ravello, I can't wait to make the album! I had fun taking her around, I earned sooo many glares XD
I miss my Stitch though D: even if I'm happy that a piece of me is overseas..

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Tuesday 4 January 2011

Happy new year!!

I was looking for interesting shops in London few days ago and while researching I found an amazing site:

It's an online retailer to distribute fashion products from Asia. I don't know half of the brands there but I'm learning XD
So while browsing this piece of awesomeness I stumbled upon a very cute wallet and I remembered that I still had to make a xmas present to myself (lame excuse) so I bought this:

Isn't it cool 8D ?!
I found a lot more stuff that land up directly in my wish list XD

Talking about it I finally put my hands on a book I've wanted to read since forever. Well, I'd easily find it in a bookshop in Italy but I red the first volume in English and "A million little pieces" is the very first book I've ever red in English, so, apart from the fact that I loved it, I'm fond of it somehow and I wanted to continue to read the story in the original language.
So my awesome uncle who was in London for the New year's Eve bought it for me 8D

I'd like to gather all the useful links I know here, so I'm going to make a link page soon. Any advice about where you'd find cool stuff is always more that welcomed :D

Oks that's all for now. Happy new year everyone!!

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