Tuesday 28 February 2012

Blogging news

I've reached expansive aims .__.
As you can see I changed the layout, updated the pages on the blog and I linked my tutorials on my favourite crafty blogs. I'd like to give a chance to me and to my blog to grow and offer to whoever cares to read something special and orginal (hopefully).
So I'd like to give you a little preview of the 3 principals news that are about to make their apprearence on Rock 'n Roll stops the traffic. Drumrolls, please!


"DIY from head to toe" serie. Weekly posts, fashion related tutorials to dress yourself from head to toe, diy-ly :D I'd like to make something similar for home related crafts too.. we'll see.

I'll add a "Give it a try" session in the tutorial page to show you all the tutorials writter by other crafters and used by me for my own projects.

I noticed I've a lot of fashion magazine pages in my collection that I took from the net. They're full of very lovely outfit and it's a pity to leave them unused in my folders, so I thought I'd share. Maybe they'll be inspire the project of your life 8D

I'd also like to resume the photography posting. I kinda miss it..
Speaking of which, I saw this awesome post today on Digital photography school: Moon games. Amazing photos <3

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Tuesday 21 February 2012

Boule cover tutorial

Since it's pretty cold around here these days I decided to take out a boule I bought last year (never used) and make a project I saw on a magazine ("Creare" n°6 - 2007).
I've taken some photos of the instructions' pages:

I wanted to share my version and how I did it!

Thursday 16 February 2012

The help

Great movie. One of those that actually makes you think and leaves you touched without being cheesy or rhetorical.
The trailer doesn't really do it justice, but "The help" is totally worth every minutes.
Now I'd like to read the homonymous book by Kathryn Stockett.

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Wednesday 15 February 2012

Lovely love day

It's been such a busy day yesterday, shopping for the last things, cooking and sewing.. I was tired even before dinner but it was all worth it seeing him smile at me like that.. sigh <3
Anyway! Just wanted to share this "Sweet and simple Valentine's day dinner party" @ Hostess with the mostess, it's cute :D

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Sunday 12 February 2012

Zip-up earbuds tutorial and a new Totoro!

I stumbled upon this Zip-up earbuds tutorial time ago and I thought it was genious, like the best idea to avoid tangling wires from now on 8D
I had to make my own, it came out quite nice. It's very simple and cheap, just a bit time consuming..

And since my garden is full of snow Max and I decided to make something awesome out of it

Isn't it awesome? 8) Its grin.. <3

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Sunday 5 February 2012

Mimi wo Sumaseba

"Mimi wo Sumaseba" a.k.a. "Whisper Of The Heart"!
I saw this movie yesterday with Max, I loved it, it's somehow touching and I've felt a bit like the protagonist, all lost about her future.. and I'd not say this but the last scene is overly cute >w<
Give it a try, it's totally worth it!

The "theratrical trailer type a" describes the side I like the most better (@ min 1.59, just click on the link) --> trailer!

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Saturday 4 February 2012

Make yourself a new J.Rock addict friend

Swap time! Organized by me for my group J.rock_swap @ swap-bot!

<span class=

"..you've to write and e.mail or a post on your blog to share with your partner, and tell us a bit of yourself, your music taste, favourite bands, live you saw, your first J.Rock song, how have you discovered this kind of music.. whatever seems interesting (just let's keep it group related!)."

Where should I begin.. well, I'm a J.rock fan since 2007 more or less. It all began when a friend of mine made me watch some PVs of a band she liked a lot, named the GazettE. My very first songs were "舐~zetsu~", "Shadow VI II I" and "Silly god disco".
I remember perfectly the moment and my WTF expression seeing all those strange clothes and make up. I didn't liked them at the beginning, but they left me intrigued somehow and I tried to listen to other songs. Some time later the same friend asked me to watch together the live "The nameless liberty six guns". By that time I knew already several songs and I grew fond of GazettE's members. I think it was in that occasion that I felt in love XD
Listening to GazettE's songs wasn't enough anymore though, so I began to do some researches. I stumbled upon many bands and gave them a try: Miyavi, Alice nine, Kra, Nightmare,.. they were ok, but nothing special.
Then Girugamesh came.
And it was love all over again.
"Owari to mirai" is the first song I listened to, I liked it so much.. T^T But the best part was to discover all the messages/comments/backstage videos! Man, those four are total dorks XD
And I didn't know the best had to come yet! I had always red about this Dir en grey band but I never listened to them and when I did (by chance this time) they began my favourite japanese band. I can't remember which is their first song I listened to, but "Withering to death" and "Vulgar" were the first albums I loved.
I can't tell you how happy I was when they came in Italy in 2009. I enjoyed every single seconds of that live, headbanging and singing all the time. They came back in Rimini last summer, and I was thrilled to see them live again. My friend and I were so close to the stage.. I'll always have great memories of those days. We waited for them before the live and at the end, we went back home with a pick, a drum stick and many photos.
I've some recent crush too by the way: ONE OK ROCK, Plastic tree, Rentrer en soi and Kaggra, (who disbanded sadly). I don't look for new bands anymore honestly. Many pops out of nowhere, just to disband a few time later, so I stick to big favourites. They've never disappointed me so far :D

[If you're interested and want to read more, take a look at these other post: "Share your j.rock favourites" and "Japanese Song - Email Swap".]

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Thursday 2 February 2012

Valentine's day round-up

Hi people! I'm feeling a lot better now, after a nice night of sleep and a quick visit by Max <3
Well, as promised here we go with my Valentine crafts round-up. Hopefully all these fantastic tutorials will inspire you if haven't decided what to do yet (like me T^T too many ideas, I need time to elaborate, but I've another exam next week =__= ).
Anyway here is my favourite top 20! Enjoy :D

1. 2. 3.4.

1.You Rock! Card @ Living Locurto; 2.Valentine's Button Necklace @ The blue robin cottage; 3.UP movie Valentine @ Brassy apple; 4.Confetti Valentine Card @ The creative place.

5. 6. 7.

5.valentine's matchbook @ All things simple; 6.Valentine Centerpiece @ Little lucy lu; 7.Heart Shaped Chocolate Raspberry Cream Cakes @ Zoe bakes.

8.9. 10. 11.

Wednesday 1 February 2012

A long, snowy day

Meh D: I really wanted to share my valentine craft round-up today but I had a long day and I'm kinda tired, I just want to go to bedzzzzzzzzzzzzz..
I had to go to Parma to do an exam this evening and, well.. it snowed yesterday, just two flakes huh >_>

This is the park in front of my university:

Can you imagine how fun it was to walk through it? XD
Oh and when I got to the station to go back home I saw the most adorable thing! :D Look at this guy here:

Naw >w< (sorry for the crappy pic, blame my phone)

Bed now, tomorrow I've to get up early to do some exercises for the last exam of this session.. sigh D: At least January is over, YAY!!
Come back to see the valentine roud-up, ok? :D

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