Thursday 29 March 2012

Lace Print Glasses Giveaway @ Funky time

Quick giveaway sharing!

"The winner will get 2 of those lace and polka dot cuties!"
Click on the pic to check it!

Soo cute :D

Wednesday 28 March 2012

DIY from head to toe #5

Hi there people, ready for a new episode??
Damn, this one has been kinda hard to put together.. nothing seemed to blend together in a nice way, argh! I'm not 100% satisfied, but this is the best I'd come up with, hope you'll like.

As usual if you have a theme to suggest feel free to do so. Enjoy!

From head..

Monday 26 March 2012

Random post to share random stuff..

..randomly found on the net!

Firt of all my "Bunnylicious Easter" board on Pinterest! If you need ideas for your Easter projects give it a look, it's full of decorating ideas, printables, baskets and BUNNIES!! 8D

And you'd definitely take a look a THIS!! It's the coolest thing I've seen in a bit:

Wednesday 21 March 2012

DIY from head to toe #4

New Wednesday means new episode! I really hope you're enjoying the serie as much as I'm :)

Rock n Roll stops the traffic
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Rock n Roll stops the traffic" width="125" height="125" /></a>

As you can see I buttonified the banner so who gets featured (and whoever wants to, f course) can share the word more easily.
Enjot now!

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Friday 16 March 2012

DIY from head to toe #3 SPECIAL EDITION + mini St. Patrick's day round up

Someone (we know it was you Ali) made a request in the last episode of the serie asking for "St.Patrick" theme. Since the day is approacing I decided to make a little special to fulfil the request.

I wanted to post it on Saturday but I'll leave this weekend to attend my little cousin's baptism, so.
Oh and if the people featured (or anyone else who's reading) want to share the word about the serie, a bit of promoting'd make me very happy :D
Now enjoy!

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Thursday 15 March 2012

Planning a planner

So! I desperately need a planner. The situation right now is this:

I have a weekly planner (the yellow one); a daily diary (nice photos, isn't it? *--* ) and a pretty notebook to write down all the craft-ralated things. ARGH!!! Definitely too much stuff to carry around.
I must say I found the weekly planner very handy, even if there isn't much space to write. On the other hand the daily diary offers me the space I need but doesn't let me have a decent view of my weekly commitments. In addiction I neglect to write a proper to-do list and the things that need to be done lay forgotten between the pages of the diary. What a mess!!
Anyway this dairy is about to finish, it has just a couple of months left, so before buying a new one I need an exact idea of what I want.
I'm also considering making it by myself, maybe assembling all the pieces in a binder.. even if this way it'll be huge.. hum I don't know!!! Anyway I "drew" some drafts:

Excuse the orrible drawings.. they'd forbid be to even look at pencils..
Here are a couple of ideas

What to say, I'll keep thinking.. mmmh As usual any suggestion/advice is more than welcomed. ..


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Wednesday 14 March 2012

DIY from head to toe #2

Hi there dear readers and stalkers, welcome to the 2nd episode of "DIY from head to toe"!

What do you think about the first post? I had fun going trough my tutorial folders and picking up a nice selection. Hope you'll like the new one too!
Oh and if you want to request a theme (and give me troubles XD ) feel free to do so, I'll feel challenged :D Now enjoy!

From head..

Monday 12 March 2012

Monday, nasty monday

I officially hate mondays!
After a wonderful week end, spent with my loved one reading, playing the bass, skating (we went skating, it was sooo cool!!! 8D ) and eating with friends (Alice.. ahehm.. XD ) we had the wonderful news of a temporary business transfer >_>
He'll be gone, next month, after Easter holidays, just for a couple of weeks, but still D: Hopefully in the same period I'll be away too, since my grandma wanted a helper for a little cruise she'll go on with her sister. Now I'm glad I accepted to keep her company..
Anyway.. I'm not here to complain, it's just that the news put me in a bad mood and I decided to finally began a project I'm procastinating since weeks.. just to raise my spirits.

So, I bought this bag for 5€ at the market.

I love it cause it reminds me of those Japanese school bags that I like soo much. BUT! I can't go aroung carrying a bag with Betty Boop dressed as Wonder woman (WTF!! XD ), so I bought some black spray paint..

..and covered the drawing. Now my problem is: what should I do with this awesome black canvas??
I was thinking about spray painting a quote (something nerdy) with a stencil in a neon colour, or maybe I'd make a drawing.. argh, I don't know!! Help, anyone??

Also I need some kawaii-food patterned paper to complete my recipe binder. Does anyone know some nice online shops where I'd find it? Google doesn't help me here XD

Wednesday 7 March 2012

DIY from head to toe #1

Hum.. have you ever tried blogging without a keyboard? Not easy!
Mine broke a couple of weeks ago and I've stolen my brother's since then.. but he wanted it back, strange, isn't it? XD Luckily Alice borrowed me a temporary one, so a big thanks to her :D

Ok, I think it's time to begin with the interesting stuff and get started with the new serie!!
Wave hi to the first episode of "DIY FROM HEAD TO TOE" (I'm overly excited about this XD ).

First of all let me say I'm not a fashion expert or something, I not trying to propose a possible outfit but I do try to keep in mind a general theme as I chose the items to put together. What I want to say is: bear with me if the combinations look terrible.
As usual I hope this'll be inspiring, maybe it'll make you take out your crafty supplies and create something beautiful.

From head..

Friday 2 March 2012

Keyring pouch: a pouch for your key, with a ring!

People what do you do when your awesome boyfriend always risks to lose his car key because it's broken and he can't loop a keyring around it?? Well, of course you rack your crafty brain to come up with a cool solution, do him a surprise and save the key!!
This keyring is though to contain, in the zippered pouch, the key!

You Will Need:
Key Ring

Project Budget: Free
Time: 4h00


Thursday 1 March 2012

Movies and cosplay

I saw this movie yesterday, called "The women of the 6th floor". A very cute commedy that actually hid important themes..

I'm happy to say I managed to watch several new movies lately and I liked most of them = say hi to my new cinema related board :D

There is still a lot to pin, but little by little I'll fill this one too!

Oh and I forgot that last saturday we went to a comic convention in Mantova. It was nice, even if little, there were few cool cosplays too, like this one from "Howl's moving castle":

Love, love!! Max and I managed to take a photo with them, yay! :D You can see more cosplay photos here and here).

Hum I completed a new project today so stay tuned for a new tutorial and the first episode of the new "DIY from head to toe" serie!!
Good night everyone :3

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