Tuesday 17 March 2009

So many ideas..

Yeah, just like the title says I have so many ideas lately.. I don't know if I'll be able to develop them, but I'm keep telling myself "gambatte" xD . I decide that I want to make some clothes by myself, but my sew skills are.. well.. lame. Mom works in a school that has fashion classes, and she told me that they don't do any other class apart form those in the morning. BUT (kami bless the internet) I found a web site that has a free patterns downloands section. My grandmother used to be a dressmaker so I'd ask her help.
I find some interesting advices about the "quick-change fashion" also, like this:

The instructions tell you how to do the shirt (modifying a man shirt), the hat and the suspender. I want to try! Who knows what will be the result xD. I found instructions that explain how to do a lot of bags also. I have just to buy some material and I'll began to work >__<. Other thing I'm very excited abut.. I brought the tickets for the 360° tour T0T . I'll see U2 again *is so happy* I can't wait to see them again, I was only 16 when I saw them for the first time and it was great, they were great!!

PS: Happy S.Patrick day!

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Thursday 5 March 2009


I must be really crazy o_O''

Today it was fucking rainy. I was at the station waiting for the train and my mp3 player was on.. I was listening to "Filth in the beauty" (by the GazettE) and in the meanwhile I was playing with my umbrella... I was thinking how boring it looked (*..it's an umbrella what the hell did you expect?*), and that it'd be fun drawing something on it. So my train arrived and I keep thinking about what I could drawn. I arrived at home, and I found this fanart by a0isan@lj and it was love, so I take the pic and I draw it on my umbrella o_O.

Poor innocent umbrella before and a work in progress pic:

and the result:

It's soooooooo cool now, I'm so proud of it :D

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