Saturday 30 June 2012

A quick one

Quick post before going back to my "beloved" books >_>
a) Newest board on Pinterest, "It-makes-me-want-to-be-a-kiddo-again stuff". Full of funny, summerish stuff for kiddo (and not >:D ). It makes me wish to be already on vacation as well T^T ..almost there..wait for me smmer!

b) A giveaway from Oasap, pretty dresses everywhere 8D :

and c) the latest life-pictures:


Aly and me ate ramen with something like 40° outside.. so hot.. and so damn yummy! We had on the griddle ice cream too :Q___

Wednesday 27 June 2012

An app to control your dreams

Another interesting reading I found on "Giappone nel cuore"

"Yumemiru, the new App for iPhone or iPad that makes you choose what you'll dream tonight (゚Д゚≡゚Д゚)

The Japanese ad agency Hakuhodo's Technology Work has invented an app that can control your dreams. You can choose from eight different scenarios: flying, walking in a forest or on a beach, get rich, someone who confesses their love for you and so on (it changes depending on the sex of the user).

Once you set the favourite scenario, the app's timer starts and it calculates the required time to reach the REM stage, when the brain is more influencable. Therefore a soundtrack, connected with the chosem dream, starts: for example a voice whispers "I love you", "I wanna hold your hand" and such for the romantics who chose the love dream. At the end of the dream thereeven is the option of an alarm clock that wakes you up from the dream so you can share it on Twitter or Facebook when it's fresh.

Cool or creepy, what do you think? o_O

Friday 22 June 2012

DIY contenitore per forcine (da scatola di Tic Tac)

Ciao a tutte!
Oggi vi propongo un’idea per fare un po’ d’ordine tra gli accessori per capelli ed evitare di spargere forcine in giro per casa, rischiando di perderle. Dunque! tutto è cominciato da questo pin:


Bella idea, no? Però mi sembrava un po’ anonima.. quindi ho pensato a come personalizzarla ed è venuta fuori questa piccola bellezza:

bobbypins holder 

You can read the ENGLISH VERSION of this project here.

Il tutto è piuttosto veloce:

Oku to pasu

Hi to all my students fellow!
I can finally take a break from this crazy week, I'm kinda exhausted xD Anyway I just wanted to share a little something that put a silly smile on my face during these days (and believe me I needed it!).
So, I'm a fan of a FB page called "Giappone nel cuore" (means "Japan in the heart") and few days ago it posted this picture:

The captation (is in Italian, you can read a quick translation following) says:

"An octopus to pass exams ~ \ \ (^ o ^) / ~ / ~
One of the most used Japan's "rituals" in the proximity of an exam, consists in putting  the statuette of an octopus on the desk. This octopus can be a plushie, made of plastic or of different materials and it can be in different shapes and colours: it does not matter.
You've to know that in Japanese the word "octopuscan be said in two ways: "tako", using the native
word, or "octopus", as in English. The word "octopus" is transliterated in Katakana as "OKUTOPASU". This word can be read as a little phrase: dividing it, you obtain "OKU TO PASU( = if you put it down, you pass).
It's t
hanks to this "good luck formula" that the polyp was elected as the supreme luck charm of Saints Students and it's sold in the stores in all shapes and colours.

So, wanna see mine? 8D

Sunday 17 June 2012


Hi there people!
I'm here to do some shameless advertise. During this long, boring w/e, full of uni's book, I stumble upon few things that made my days a tiny bit brighter :D 4 Giveaways from 4 super generous ladies (in chronological order):

a) Airi's 1st Giveaway. International, ends on 30th June 2012.

This post is so cute and well made, it's worth to give it a read even if you're not interested in the giveaway xD .

b) Qoqo 4th Giveaway. International, ends on 30th July 2012.

Wednesday 13 June 2012

DIY from head to toe #12

Hi there! Welcome to the new episode of "DIY from head to toe"! Can you guess what's today's theme? No? Then you'll easily find out looking at all these awesome projects ;)

From head..

Monday 11 June 2012

Copertina DIY

Wii! Finalmente riesco ad occuparmi della copertina del mio blocco! Ho usato questo tutorial e il risultato mi piace davvero tanto, quindi.. ve lo mostro:


La realizzazione è piuttosto semplice e personalizzabile al 100%. Vi serviranno un quaderno a cui dare nuova vita e pagine di rivista con foto e immagini colorate:


Sunday 10 June 2012

Ice cream cake

Here, I did it, an ice cream cake. Honestly, I'm glad I did, this thing actually taste unbelievably good, it's very simple to do and quick, it took me just half hour.

You don't really need a recipe, but here is what I did.

Saturday 9 June 2012

DIY Travelling Kit

Max is leaving for a 2 weeks business transfer to China. He has something like a 18 hours travel, among train, air plane and stopover and I thought to do something for him to make everything a bit less boring. This is how my idea of a travelling kit born :)

As first step you need to gather the stuff you'll put inside. I thought about what'd entertain me in long waiting and added some of his favourite things :) Of course I had to keep in mind that he was going to travel by air plane: weight and dimension had to be limited.

Friday 8 June 2012

DIY from head to toe #11

I thought I was going to miss another episode this week, but I got a sudden inspiration while browsing, so here I am with the 11th episode of the series.. it'll be galactic 8D Enjoy!

From head..

May's favourites

So, May's favourites: just few pretty things I saw surfing around..
Like these earrings. Robots and fabric dotty flowers.. cute.

Have you ever seen Sentimental circus' stuff? lovelovelove

And some magazine pages I found inspiring.. from Kera and Ray, May's issues:

I must admit I'm secretly in love with nautical style. Blue, red and white? Yes, please!

Thursday 7 June 2012

Work in progress

My my, two weeks of no posting and it's June already. Finally I can feel the summer coming, yay!
But before celebrating and relaxing there is the stupid summer session of countless exams to sit for. A bit less yay >_>
Anyway, I'm not here to complain, I sat for 3 already and now I've a free week so.. break!!
And I'm here with more pictures for you :D


I made another silly drawing on my notebook to celebrate the beginning of the new month!
And look how sparkly my new gold-flakes nail polish is 8D I used it a couple of times with black and purple base, it wins!
It was a beautiful sunny day when I went to uni last week to take the first exam, so while walking through the park to go to the station I took that photo.. not bad.

Talking about photography I stumbled upon this shoots, Alice themed. I love this Queen of Hearts and the card girl, hair and outfit, it's kinda sexy >:D

Let's talk about more crafty things now! Do you remember my boxy leather bag?

This one! I finally decided what to do, even if I'm taking my time with the execution XD.. I'm doing it step by monthly step..
This is the it's new face, 2/3 done!


Wiii, sparkly!! 8D I like but I feel like something is missing. I didn't want to rush it so I began to use the bag like this, waiting for inspiration to come. And guess what, it did!
I remembered this picture I saw in a magazine ages ago: