Tuesday 24 July 2012

Uniqso Circle Lens Giveaway and stuff

Before I began babbling about my random stuff (as usual) I've to share a giveaway!! :D

Uniqso.com and LBD & onesies are giving away a pair of circle lens! You chose the one you want! It's open internationally and it'll run from July 13 to August 9. You can click on the picture to enter!

Talking about giveaways.. it seems like I was chosen as a winner for the Oasap super giveaway! I'm very excited even if I won't believe it until I receive the dress.. I've never (EVER) won something so I'm kinda sceptical xD
Here it is! Pretty, huh? :D


And, talking about win you've to take a look at my new alarm clock *^* Aly and I were wandering through the shelves of our trusted china market ( ... ) and saw this: a shark-alarm clock!! Isn't it awesome?? 8D Oh and in another store I saw these pretty clutches. They look like postcard <3

Friday night I had fun preparing the dinner for a special occasion :) Here are the recipes I used:

Savoury aromatic cheesecake and Casarecce with Sicilian pesto

4 flovours chicken and my Ice cream cake!

Yum :Q

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