Wednesday 29 December 2010

Merry xmas!!

Damn it's been a while, isn't it? XD
The thing is that when I leave for Torre del Greco I know when I leave but I don't know when I go back home XD In fact I'm still here..
This Christmas has been cool though, I had fun, we're 17 people at my grandma's place. A mess!! But I like it this way. Definitely!

Here I'm with the best buddies I'd wish for: my cousin and Lù :D

We made an awesome tour in Ravello and Salerno! I took tons of photos and I think I'll use them soon to make my photography posts!

I've thought about a lot of projects to make for the new year, since, while shopping for xmas presents I saw a lot of cool things that was obviously too expensive for me, so the next thought was automatic: "No money? I'll do it myself, go to hell!!" XD

I'd like to make this awesome shirt + corsage:

Aaaaand I've an external hard disk.. I want to make a case and I want it to be like this:

I also stole an old ipod like mp3 player from my dad and I need a case for that also:

No sheep though, I want it to be a dino *O*

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