Wednesday 8 December 2010

True or False?

This was a funny swap to do :D

"Send each partner one written postcard (store bought or hand made) with one true fact about yourself and one false fact. When you rate your partner, you will add the fact you think IS TRUE. Your partner will reply with the correct answer. If possible, try to choose two fact that have the credibility of being true, making it hard for your partner to guess--do not include something that may be a giveaway in your profile. It can be anything (an event, an unusual gift you received, a generational fact...)

Ex: I would write... T/F * I took flying lessons. T/F * I was involved in a shootout."

Both my partners were American.

This was hard to guess XD

The ones I sent

to Germany

to Russia

Guess which one is true? XD

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