Monday, 2 May 2011

Share your J.Rock favourites

Pwahah! Special post for a swap I hosted in the Jrock_swap group @ swap-bot :D

Swap-bot swap: Share your J.Rock favourites

"All you have to do is chose your favourite songs (al least 1 from 3 different bands but more would be awesome! - I know that chose just 1 song from your supah fav band'd be difficult xD ) from you favourite J.Rock artists and send an e.mail to your partner with a link where he can find the songs, listen to them and appreciate them."

Maan, that was difficult.. to chose just few songs.. ARGH! I didn't know which one pick up, but in the end this is my selection. Enjoy! :D

Dir en grey - Kodou

Other songs (meeeh, I'm sorry I'd not help it ^__^'' ): Itoshisa wa Fuhai ni Tsuki, Lotus, The Final, 蜷局.

The GazettE - Silly God Disco

Other songs: THE TRUE MURDEROUS INTENT, Filth in the beauty.

Plastic tree - Mirai Iro

Aaaaand, other band I loooove

Rentrer en soi - Gedoku Magaini SUICIDE.

Kaggra, - 四季, 戯曲 かごめ謡, 白ゐ嘘.

Sadie - サイレントイヴ.

Girugamesh - Owari to mirai, Beast.

One ok rock - Liar.

This is all people. Let me know any positive/not so positive opinions :D

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