Monday 27 April 2009

Fuck off you unpleasant old man >_<..

So something "funny" happened to me today. I go to study to the library in the morning and it's pretty far away from home, so to come back I need to take the bus (since my bike is ko -____-'' ). Today I had to buy the ticket as usual, so I went into 2 different newspaper kiosks, but they run out of them (WTF!!), so I entered in a tobacconist's to buy the stupid ticket.
Anyway behind the counter there was an old man who was waiting on another lady. So I stayed behind and waited for my turn. When he finished with the woman I stepped forward and he looked at me.. I greeted as the polite girl I am and when he saw my bright magenta hair he glared at them and lowered his eyes. I asked for the ticket and what did he do???? he fucking ignored me. He was pretending to read something, considering that every 2 sec his eyes darted at my hair. I asked again for my ticket and he give it to me without a word, he just kept looking at my hair. I payed it and turned around to leave, saying goodbye. He didn't even greeted back. What a

But actually I went out of there laughing.. I love to scare people with my hair XD Too much maybe!!

Can't wait to see Dir en grey *dances*

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