Tuesday 23 June 2009

Dir en grey.. arigatou!

First of all.. Dir en grey live was great!!!! There were a lot of people and we were pressed in the club like sardines, but hey, it was definitely worth it!!
Kyo sang greatly.. I was a bit worried since he fucked up his throat few months ago and generally he sings out of tune a lot but, nothing, he did nothing wrong, he was just great. He smiled at us and rocked us like nothing else. I've never danced/singed/screamed/jumped so much in my life. I was in the 3th or 4th row, just in front of Toshiya, so I had a great visual of him, Kaoru, Shinya and Kyo. I saw Die through the screen of a very tall girl's camera XD.
After the break for the encore Toshiya came out with a bottle of beer, he took a sip and then he give the bottle to us, he kept doing amused faces during the live and he laughed a lot. Kao instead was so serious.. he just smiled a bit and when he threw his picks at us he was laughing so cutely.
OMG the most funny thing was when Kyo got down from his little stage for a moment... I thought he was gone O_O.. he's so short!
The only thin I didn't like AT ALL was that they didn't even said "thank you" to us.. neither in italian, english or japanese.. nothig.. it was sad D: Anyway the live was so intense and ..great, simply great!

Changing the topic.. I bought a bass! Here it is..

He's beautiful, don't you think?? Basso san! (with my messy room in the background and the glittered converse under the desk XD ).
I've began with playing U2's song.. Aaaah Adam Clayton really stole his salary!! XD just joking, but I noticed that some of his riff are really simple. Currently I'm learning "Desire" and "Exit". "Vertigo"'ll come next.

Hum what else?
My grandmother give a sewing machine to me as a present! After finishing my exams I'll go to her place for a week and she'll teach me how to use it.. so my fashion project goes on *\(^O^)/*

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