Thursday 5 March 2009


I must be really crazy o_O''

Today it was fucking rainy. I was at the station waiting for the train and my mp3 player was on.. I was listening to "Filth in the beauty" (by the GazettE) and in the meanwhile I was playing with my umbrella... I was thinking how boring it looked (*'s an umbrella what the hell did you expect?*), and that it'd be fun drawing something on it. So my train arrived and I keep thinking about what I could drawn. I arrived at home, and I found this fanart by a0isan@lj and it was love, so I take the pic and I draw it on my umbrella o_O.

Poor innocent umbrella before and a work in progress pic:

and the result:

It's soooooooo cool now, I'm so proud of it :D

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