Friday, 12 November 2010

Your Photography Swap & Your best photos

I think photography sharing swaps are awesome :D It's a very nice way to take a look around the world. I joined two lately and I wanted to share here the photos I sent to my partners.

Your Photography Swap
Swap-bot swap: Your Photography Swap
I swap with Swap-bot!

"..send 5 different pictures to your partner."

A statue in the archaeological park of Baia - Italy & Street market in Torre del greco - Italy

Pinewood in Krk - Croatia

Garden in Reggio Emilia - Italy

Sunset in Santorini - Greece & Flamingos in the Berlin zoo - Germany

Your best photos
Swap-bot swap: Your best photos
I swap with Swap-bot!

"You'll have 5 partners and you will send via e-mail them your best photos. They can be best photos of you or the best photos you've taken (or both). The photos can as old or as new as you want. Please send 5 to 7 photos."

The same sunset in Santorini - Greece & Prague - Czech Republic

Costiera amalfitana - Italy & Seaport in Torre del greco - Italy

Berlin - Germany & Sky, Torre del greco - Italy

Hope you liked them.
While I was looking for some nice photos to send for these two swaps I went through my folders and saw very old pics that reminded me of so many things.. it gave me a nice sensation and it reminded me how much I love photography. I don't know why I tend to quit doing things that I enjoy really much one day to the next.. I'm strange.. but I'll began to carry my cam around with me again.
I think I'll steal someone idea and do weekly photo posts.. hope Riechanster won't mind XD

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  1. hahaha :D I don't mind ;) (hmm maybe I could ask you for a comment on my photograph friday from this week? teehee ;) )
    Lovely pics ^^ love the pictures from Italy!