Wednesday, 10 November 2010

November challenge @ Bloggers United - 2nd week

"Oh dear! Your on death row!
(don't worry....... your totally not guilty and the governor is going to call to stop it before it happens).What is your last ever meal and why?"

Yes! This is a much more simple question.
So, I think I'd not do without a huge bowl of ramen:

A plate of my mum's mushrooms ravioli with vegetables ragù (I ate them just yesterday) and the "savoury pie" we make for Easter. It's called "Casatiello":

Then, since I just love junk food, I'd demand a huge variety of this kind of stuff:

Oh and loads of beer of course!!
Perfect, now I'm hungry again D:<

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  1. Ohhh beer...I didn´t think about it! xD Great choices!

  2. hm I didn't think of anything to drink, oops.
    lthough I'm not a fan of junkfood, those snacks look good!