Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Jrock_SWAP ....〆(・ω・`*) - Halloween swap - part 2

Last part of the swap I organized @lj arrived yesterday :D You can see part1 here!

Halloween swap @ jrock_swap

"every swappers'll have 2 partners and to each of them you'll have to send:
a) a nice Halloween card jrock related!!;
b) ... Halloween sweets;
c) a little Halloween themed present"


Green jelly coffin with a spider. Seriously I can't stop touching that green stuff XD

Tissue & candies

Candy blood bag 8D It's so uselessly cool XD

Awesome Reita-mummy card & chattering teeth

Argh! it's coming .. ouch DX

It's the first time I taste American sweets and peanut butter.. it's one of those things that you don't like at first but then you want more and more XD

Yummy yummy *ç*
Oh, to see what I sent to my partners take a look at the part1 :D

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  1. le peggio cose ti stanno arrivando e stai spedendo, brava porca u.u