Sunday, 21 November 2010

Fangirl/boy Picspam E-Swap!

This is a post I've wanted to do since forever, so I take my chance to write it in order to complete this swap.
First of all though I thin it'd be helpful explain, for the one who've never hear about it what are we talking about.

So, VISUAL KEI (ヴィジュアル系 bijyuaru kei) is a Japanese musical under-kind of J.Rock (Japanese rock). Born in the 80, the visual kei draw its inspiration from the glam metal style of some occidental band of those years (like Guns 'n roses). The visual's peculiarity is that it's a genre that doesn't typify itself for a sound but for the look. There is a maniacal attention to the visual and stage designs aspect (they take an extreme care of outfits, sets , make up, hairstyles and accessories in video clips, lives and in the numerous photo shoot that the bands do for specialized magazines like Shoxx, Arena 37°C, Fool's Mate, Cure), about the musical aspect, instead, each band chose his own genre autonomously and without binds, and it's for this reason that visual kei bands sweep between pop, punk, hard rock, metal, electronic, dark.
Visual has never been very popular outside Japan until the 90, when X Japan were brought out internationally, with a great success, arousing the interest in this genre, until, in 2000, visual began known enough to let the other bands to extend their tour in Europe and America.

Ok this is what you need to know about visual. Now..

Fangirl/boy Picspam E-Swap!
Swap-bot swap: Fangirl/boy Picspam E-Swap!
I swap with Swap-bot!

"In this swap, you'll pick at least one celeb you're in lust with and picspam the hell out of them to your partners! Convince us all to love them in the special ways that you do."

I choose Ruki san (vocalist of a visual band called The GazettE) for different reasons: first of all GazettE are the very first Japanese band I've ever heard that made me fall in love with J.rock so I'm very fond of those guys. In addiction Ruki san's an amazing artist.
He sings, writes the lyrics, designs tours' goods/CD covers/jewelry, everything with his own unmistakable, unique and cool style. He has an amazing voice and his lyrics are very powerful. He has this whim to change hairstyles/haircolours every two months more or less and he looks gorgeous (not to say utterly adorable) in every outfit he wears.
But to understand better to the pic spam 8D

Ruki san in 2003 and 2004

Badass chibi 8D

In 2005

The one he's kicking here is Reita san, the bassist, my second fav gazoboy 8D

Pervy Ruki doing naughty things with the water bottle (on the left)





That's all! Wave goodbye Ruki san 8D

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  1. haha cool! I love the animation from 2009.
    Maybe I'll listen to some J-rock tonight ^^