Monday, 1 November 2010

November challenge @ Bloggers United - 1st week

"Your Lotto numbers have come up! You have taken care of your family and friends, you have 15 Million dollars to spend on whatever you dreamed of before. How are you going to spend the money?"

This question is more complicated that it seems. I mean, everyone has their wishes and dreams but, personally, when they ask me, for example for my or Christmas, what I'd like to have I don't know how to reply. Maybe it's just me, but if I'd have the Genie of the Lamp in front of me I'm sure I'll come to waste my 3 wishes.
Anyway, after some thinking I managed to find a somehow decent reply to this question. I warn you it'd sound very unoriginal, but this is something I'd actually love to do.
With those 15 million dollars I'd buy a private jet and a comfortable boat. I'd take a planisphere and I'd create an crowded itinerary. I'd hire loads of local guides, one for each country I'd visit. Then I'd began to travel around the land, each state of each continent. I'd take loads of photos, I'd eat every kind of local food, I'd like to learn how much as possible about every traditions and way of live.
Then I'd take my new, sparkling boat and I'd travel around the islands. I'd like to do immersions and see all the beauties the sea has to offer. I'd like to take underwater pictures, sprawl on every beach and see the sunset from every corner of the World.

'Cause "I'd do a tour of the world" wasn't enough!

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