Saturday, 13 November 2010

24 days of gifts advent calendar #9 EUROPE

First Xmas swap completed 8D

24 days of gifts advent calendar #9 EUROPE
"In this swap you will have 4 partners. To your partners you send 6 wrapped presents with ribbon on them (so they are possible to hang somewhere) for their advent calendar. This way you will have a gift to open every day until Christmas, from 4 different places in the world."

I received the last two packages yesterday and I hung all of them in my room, now I can't wait to unwrap them. I've serious troubles ignoring all those nice packages XD

I took all the wrapped items inside and I hung them to make a nice advent calendar:

And there are the ones I sent:

I want to see what's inside D:

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  1. oooh me wanna see too what's inside! I didn't see this swap, but that's just such a cool idea! ^^