Tuesday, 23 November 2010

November challenge @ Bloggers United - 4th (and last) week

"What is your ultimate gift you have received, and what is the best gift have you given"

The best gift ever received I think is the one I got from my bro this year for my b.day:

Not to Dublin though, we changed our destination, it's Paris now :D

Along with this, from my parents:

it's a 1L beer mug with a 1L can of Paulaner inside <3

About the best given gift.. well you don't even know when people actually like a present you give them or they don't. But I'd say that handmade gifts are the best I give. They're very special and made with care and surely unique! And they're the one that I enjoy to make the most!

Aww this was the last question of the "November challenge", I'm sad it's over D: I had fun writing the posts! Hope it was nice to read them XD

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  1. ooh! thanks for helping me remember, I forgot all about it with schoolwork ... oops. Must most tomorrow or on Saturday. and I think the same, handmade gifts are the best I have given.
    Have to think about the best received gift though!