Sunday, 14 November 2010

November challenge @ Bloggers United - 3rd week

"Whats inside your handbag? You can tell alot about a person by what they carry around with them everyday, what's in yours and why? (photo's are always welcome)"

Aaah another nice question :D
I think photos'll help me again for this one..

This is the bag I usually take around with me during the week:

It has several pockets, on the front..

..and inside.

In the inside pocket I keep:

arm warmers (cause it's getting cold lately) & umbrella (self personalized) and sunglasses

a purse with Gloria from "Madagascar" (to keep all the little things inside)

wallet and coin case (black furry cat 8D ) and, yeah I've a photo of Bono inside my wallet.. XD

Outside pockets:

pad and pen (cause I'm very forgetful D: ) & mp3 player (always with me)

cell phone (Ruki san as wallpaper 8D ) + cell case & mirror-hair brush


lipbalm and lighter & tissue and gums

my USB pen driver

a notebook & a book (this is the one I'm reading now)

That's it.
My bag is always heavy and I don't even know why, this'd be a good reason.. XD
Now I wonder what does this say about me..

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  1. cute bag!!
    I actually forgot my keys ... oops :D
    and I should better take my organizer with me in my purse :D

  2. OMG you carry a lot of stuff!! And I thought my bag was heavy!! xD