Saturday, 30 October 2010

October shopping

Yes! Finally a day off!
It's official, my bike's tyre is punctured T^T So this morning my folks gave me a lift to the post office. My idea was to go to send a couple of packages and then take a walk through the stores but I had to change my plans, so I took a walk around the neighbourhood instead. And that's how I made an awesome discovery: there is a huge mall close to my place that sell all kind of things!! Usually I've to stalk Chinese malls and the local 0.99€ shops because I don't have that much money to spend and, unbelievably, I'm able to find the most useful/cute things there, so the thought that I've a new one close at hand it's quite nice.
I know this is not a good sign for the current economic situation, but oh well they're already there and I'm penniless, what should I do?!
Anyway I noticed that I've bought quite a lot of things this month, especially crafting and swap stuff so I decided to make a super useless monthly shopping post (maybe this way I'll realize how much I spend in useless stuff and I'll just stop wasting my money XD ).
Here you go:

Crafting supplies: Pearl glue and glitter glue (I'd begin loads of xmas crafts soon 8D )

Halloweenish embrossed confetti!

Red felt bats tulle 8D

I found this at the market. I bought one with spider webs too, but I used it to make a candy bag for a swap (pics're coming soon :D )

Ok, this is a mysterious object. The label says that it's a magic towel: you put it in wrm water and it'd expand. I can't come up with a decent explanation to the question: "Why he hell did you buy such a thing?!?!?". But to my defence I can say that I was curious and that it cost very few cents. I'll let you know what happen when I'll mercilessly throw it in the water >:D

New nail polish! It's an awesome pearly green/blue & few cute boxes.

Aaaand my new lovely note pad. Just.. aww!!

That's all! Sad to admit that I do have fun shopping.. and that I so want this (stupid sale mails >__< ):

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  1. Vestitoooooooooooooooo T^T
    voglio vedere le colle glitter e perlate O_O fighissime!
    la stella la userei come arma di distruzione, la butti in mezzo alla folla, la innaffi, si gonfia, ed esplode u.u