Thursday, 28 October 2010

Jrock_SWAP ....〆(・ω・`*) - Halloween swap - part 1

Yes, it's me again. With another swap. But this time I'm supah excited cause I'm the one who organized it in my community and I'm happy to see that people do an awesome job. I'd receive another package anytime soon, but let's begin with this first one that actually made my day since I had troubles coming back home today: my bike has a flat tyre and I discovered it while pedaling around the city.
Have you any idea how difficult it is to actually move with a flat tyre?! At the beginning I thought: "Man I really should go jogging from time to time, I can't even stand 5 minutes WTH!! Am I that fat?!", then the freacking thing began to shake and make grim noises on his own accord and it hits me! I just hope it's not punctured D:
Anyway, let me show you some jrock love >:D

Halloween swap @ jrock_swap

"every swappers'll have 2 partners and to each of them you'll have to send:
a) a nice Halloween card jrock related!!;
b) ... Halloween sweets;
c) a little Halloween themed present ... Halloween themed"

Girugamesh on the cover (< 3)

her note hidded under a niiiiice Gazette pic 8D

The kitty she handmade. Soooo cute >w<

She also send me some yummy candies that I ate cause when I came home I was starving..

Aaaaand this is the packages I prepared for her and another girl who joined my swap :D

They contain:

handmade key chains

handmade cards (I suck at making cards, I'd just give up è__é) & candy paper bags

That's it! Have an awesome Halloween everyone :D


  1. la swap di halloween *guarda ammirata e frega keychans*

  2. ooh j-rock! ^^ I loved X Japan and Gackt but now I'm more into J-pop (arashi, ...) and other jap music ^^ If you're maybe someday doing/find a j-pop swap, let me know!