Friday, 29 October 2010

50 random things about me....

An extract from "50 random things about me...." swap.

"you will make a list about 50 things that make you who you are:)."

1. When I was a little girl I hate to eat, my mum had to force me and everyone complained cause I did it soooooo slowly XD Now things are fat-ly different..

I love music! According to the most played song in my mp3 player is “Mysterious ways” by U2. It’s my favourite band, I’ve seen them live twice and I’ve wonderful memories of those gigs. I also like Japanese music, one of my favourite bands is called Dir en grey and I saw them live in Milan in 2009.

I’m very messy!! I’m a crafty person and I’ve always lot of stuff lying around the room. When I’m making some project and I’m preparing an exam a the same time, since I’ve no time to lose, I put everything on the floor. It happens that sometimes I’ve to see where I put my feet in order not to step on something. My mum hates me during these periods XD

I love xmas! I spent it with my family that’s rather large. I love the atmosphere and the warm sensations and memories it brings to me.

I love to trave, but sadly I can’t afford the costs, since I’m a penniless student, so I go abroad just once a year (especially on summer). Last august I’ve been to Santorini. I loved it, it’s a small island, so were able to visit all of it. I took a lot of photos and I’ll always keep a great memory of that place. Then I’ve been to Berlin with my friends last year. We visited the city in 4 days, we walked so much! And I’ve been to Prague on a school trip. I really liked both of them.

I’ve my grandmother’s (the mum of my dad) name I used to hate it, but now I’m very fond of it .

13. I study marketing at uni, but I wanted to study oriental languages when I finished high school. I thought that a marketing degree’d be make me find a better job. All the marketing classes are very interesting, they teach us how to understand people and give them what they want and I really like the creative side of this work. It’s hard to explain, actually we kinda fool with people to make them buy stuff that they don’t really need, but we work hard to get that result!

I love reading novels! When I went to elementary school my teachers used to organize games based on some books we had to read. I loved to do it and always red lot of books. My favourites were Roal Dahl’s stories..

I hate the cold weather! I was born in a city with the sea and I miss it terribly. I love snow though!

I’d like to work on a cruise liner.

26. I like basketball, beach volley and volleyball. I’m not a sporty person, but I love to watch and yeah, also practice them sometimes.

I’m such a forgetful person!! I always have to carry around with me a pad, to note down my ideas or I can forget them a second after they pop into my mind!

28. I love beer! I collect empty bottles after drinking the contents. One of my favourites is from Belgium, it’s called “Pêche”, it tastes like peach.

29. I joined scout lately. I’m doing the course to become a scout educator and I’ve to say that I’m really excited about it. The group of guys is awesome and they all make me feel at ease. I think it’ll be a wonderful experience.

31. I don’t have a driving licence, so I move around with my bike! I’m very ecologic XD

32. I had a lock of hair coloured in magenta last year, I was so proud of it :D

36. My parents always mock me cause when we do long trips with the car, the moment I sit down I fall asleep XD

I’ve a terrible hatred toward bugs.

38. I like to cook once in a while, especially snacks, cakes and sweet stuff since I’m “kinda” greedy. I eat pancakes with ice cream and I put walnut cut in big pieces in the hot chocolate. I love sandwiches with tomato sauce and meat balls and once I ate a huge piadina (it looks like Arabic bread, very thin but soft) filled with roast and creamed potatoes. SO.DAMN.TASTY!

When we were kids during holidays my parents brought my bro and me to our house in a village in Tuscany called Poggioferro. It was in the middle of the country, but an hour far from the Argentario, that’s a wonderful place. My parents want to sell the house, since it’s old and ruined but I love that village and my bro and I promised to reorganize it when we’ll have enough money.

40. I love to stay in bed a bit longer after waking up in the morning, especially when it’s cold. And I sleep hugging my pillow XD

I like bright colours!

44. I hate math!

50. Since I was little I have this habit to take a lock of hair between my thumb and forefinger so that its end pinch the tip of the middle finger.


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  1. That's a great list. I love that it's easy to travel around Europe, so many different countries close by.