Saturday, 16 October 2010

Stuff my handbag

Waaaah I received a package from Israel today 8D This because I joined "Stuff my handbag" swap last month!

I swap with Swap-bot!

"Take a handbag/purse ... and stuff it with almost everything you can think of that you would find in your own purse. "

The box I got this morning


The purse

*opens the front pocket*

*then the zip*

Inside I found:
A shoulder bag & A pair of sock

Two belts & Some earrings

Ereasers & A charm

Two note pads

Some stickers sheets

Candles & A phone case

Plush charms

This is the package I sent to my partner in the USA instead:

And the things I put inside! (keychain, envelopes and makeup case are handmade :D )

I was all excited while opening the box :D Aaaand I also received my first present yesterday: a Yukio Mishima's novel (it seems veeery interesting >:D ) from my dearest friend! Luv her and I'm sure I'll have fun reading the book!
Thank you!

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  1. Nice stuffs and nice letters!
    Thanks for quoting my gift, luv ya!

  2. Visiting from SwapBot, I Love Your Blog Swap. I'm HayleyK, and I am now following your blog and have added you to my blogroll. See my post about your blog here:

  3. You got cool stuff! Those belts are really cute!