Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Happy to me :D

Yaay! 22 years old and I don't feel them XD
The past two birthdays were.. well, not nice. Sad stuff happened, but this year it was actually better!
The cake my mum made for me :D
And, as usual, when these kind of occasions come I always do a lot of thinking (baaaaad bad thing to do!).
I know it's trite, but still I can't help but think that despite few big (surprising) changes the things remained pretty much the same. And it's kinda awful XD !
Of course everything that happened made me change somehow (I hope for the better), but I'm the same as one year ago. Or at least this is what I think.
A thing that I noticed is that I became quite nerdy in the past few years. But even if someone ( ... ) scold me about this I don't regret it: as lame as it sound I discovered lots of things on the net that became few of my most enjoyable hobbies.
I learned English on my own reading stuff on the net and chatting with people around the world. I'm quite proud of my improvements even if my pronunciation sounds just like Mr. Pirelli's (from "Sweeney Todd") and this is a point that needs to be refined.
This to prevent any "omg, get a life!" thoughts. I mean, I've one, it's just plain boring in some periods so I need to find something new to do..

Talking about new things to do I made an elephant for a friend who's about to take off for the US. It's my birthday and I'm making a gift for someone else, ain't I super awesome XD ?!
He/she's cute though.

As first attempt in making plush I'm quite satisfied :D
Aaah I'd stop writing so much randomness..

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