Thursday, 7 October 2010


We made Gesminus this evening at home.
It's a typical sardinian sweet, very similar to meringues, so it's very easy to make. The difference is that they're full of almonds and the recipe requires orange flower water.
I read that their name derives from the jasmine: in the past they used the jasemine's essence to confection them, then replaced with the orange flower water.
This is the photo of the magazine in which we found the recipe:

And this is our result, as you can see I made a little variation >:D

(before the baking)


Oh so yummy!! :D

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  1. Dear Elisa, your gesminus look absolutely delicious. Could you share the recipe, please? I used the recipe from Anna Gosetti della Salda book ("Le ricette regionali italiane"), but my gesminus were not so nice and much flatter than yours. The same recipe is multiplied in Internet but I guess it is something wrong with proportions in it:(