Monday, 25 October 2010

Packages make you feel better

Ugh! Two more days and for the moment I'll be done with stupid exams. It's cold, rainy and the mood is under the shoes, but few news lately kinda made me feel all better!
First, this morning the postman came and ringed the bell (she must be like Hulk, cause she jammed the ringbell and it ringed for half an hour before we managed to stop the damn thing!!) and delivered a package I was waiting from a swap.

swap @ packageexchange

The box

*opens it*

A HUGE!! cat pillow

some postcards & Halloween-ish socks

A wrist cuff & a bracelet

A dream catcher (I think) & candies

This is the package I made for my partner instead. Apart from the eraser everything is handmade!

A little pouch & cloud bookmark

Note key chain & Kitty plush

I'm very satisfied cause she loved everything I made and the best thing when you've worked hard is to see that your efforts are appreciated (and hopefully made someone happy).

So other news is that a band I like very much (Girugamesh) announced a world tour lately and I'm all excited cause I'll probably go to London with my best friend to see them. The gig'll be in March so all the project is still very airy-fairy. We'll see!

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