Saturday, 9 October 2010

Write On/Wipe Off Calendar

Aaah I'm making so much stuff lately. Like really A LOT! But I'm happy, I enjoy working on different projects with various materials. I've always wanted to do such things and I've to say that my laziness had never helped me, so I've never started it seriously. But joining CO+K and swap-bot was so very helpful (or the beginning of the end, it depends on your point of view): it's sad to say but having a deadline actually makes me work "better", I manage to defeat my epic laziness and create something.
I'm making lot of stuff that I'll send to my swap-partners, but to organize all the work and the precious deadlines I made myself a calendar.
I found the idea on that awesome site that's CO+K and I create my own version.

I choose some anime images as background

5 swaps, 2 exams and my are already scheduled!
Easy and oh so cool >:D

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  1. *passa felice perche' a quanto pare e' riuscita a sistemare le cose* u.u

    Che ficoooooo *O* *stagliuzza tutte le riviste*