Thursday, 15 March 2012

Planning a planner

So! I desperately need a planner. The situation right now is this:

I have a weekly planner (the yellow one); a daily diary (nice photos, isn't it? *--* ) and a pretty notebook to write down all the craft-ralated things. ARGH!!! Definitely too much stuff to carry around.
I must say I found the weekly planner very handy, even if there isn't much space to write. On the other hand the daily diary offers me the space I need but doesn't let me have a decent view of my weekly commitments. In addiction I neglect to write a proper to-do list and the things that need to be done lay forgotten between the pages of the diary. What a mess!!
Anyway this dairy is about to finish, it has just a couple of months left, so before buying a new one I need an exact idea of what I want.
I'm also considering making it by myself, maybe assembling all the pieces in a binder.. even if this way it'll be huge.. hum I don't know!!! Anyway I "drew" some drafts:

Excuse the orrible drawings.. they'd forbid be to even look at pencils..
Here are a couple of ideas

What to say, I'll keep thinking.. mmmh As usual any suggestion/advice is more than welcomed. ..


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