Wednesday, 7 March 2012

DIY from head to toe #1

Hum.. have you ever tried blogging without a keyboard? Not easy!
Mine broke a couple of weeks ago and I've stolen my brother's since then.. but he wanted it back, strange, isn't it? XD Luckily Alice borrowed me a temporary one, so a big thanks to her :D

Ok, I think it's time to begin with the interesting stuff and get started with the new serie!!
Wave hi to the first episode of "DIY FROM HEAD TO TOE" (I'm overly excited about this XD ).

First of all let me say I'm not a fashion expert or something, I not trying to propose a possible outfit but I do try to keep in mind a general theme as I chose the items to put together. What I want to say is: bear with me if the combinations look terrible.
As usual I hope this'll be inspiring, maybe it'll make you take out your crafty supplies and create something beautiful.

From head..
1.Braided hairband @ P.S. - I made this and 2.Dangle Chain Earrings @ Dana's jewelry designs.

1. 2.

5.Guitar String Bangles by Cat Morley @ CO+K and 6.Best of British Handbag @ I love to create.

5. 6.

7.How I rock my jeans @ Let's rock it and 8.Plaid Punk Sneakers by Kaitlyn C.

7. 8. toe.

Enjoy and whatever suggestion/advice/comment is highly appreciated!
Stay tuned for the next episode :D


  1. Good job with the combinations and thanks for using my earrings. I hope others will find they are easy and fun to make.

    1. Thank you :) and you're welcome, they're very cute, I bet everyone will like it!

  2. thanks for featuring my tutorial :) you have such a cool blog!

    1. You're very welcome :D
      Thanks for taking a look around!

    2. thanks for linking up to Make it Monday!

    3. You're welcome! Thanks to you for hosting the link party, I love your blog :D