Friday, 16 March 2012

DIY from head to toe #3 SPECIAL EDITION + mini St. Patrick's day round up

Someone (we know it was you Ali) made a request in the last episode of the serie asking for "St.Patrick" theme. Since the day is approacing I decided to make a little special to fulfil the request.

I wanted to post it on Saturday but I'll leave this weekend to attend my little cousin's baptism, so.
Oh and if the people featured (or anyone else who's reading) want to share the word about the serie, a bit of promoting'd make me very happy :D
Now enjoy!

From head..

1.Four Leaf Clover Headband @ Dollar store crafts and 2.Clover cross earrings @ Create your style.

5.St. Patrick’s Day Ruffled Shirt @ Infarrantly creative (the tutorial is meant for a little girl's t-shirt but the procedure can be used on every size, right? ;D ) and 6.Felt Shamrock Bracelet @ Holiday crafts and creations.

5. 6.

7.ShamROCK Your Socks @ Rit dye and 8.Twinkle Toes @ Michaels.

7. 8. toe!

Take a look at the round up also (FOOOOD!!):

1.DIY shamrock bokeh lights @ Craft passion (I used the image as background for today's episode banner); 2.Speckled St.Patrick's day manicure @ Love Maegan; 3.Hidden gold rainbow cupcakes @ Confessions of a cookbook queen.

1. 2. 3.

4.Leprechaun hat s'mores @ Hostess with the mostess; 5. Chocolate stout cupcakes with Baileys @ Skinny taste; 6.You (sham) ROCK cookies @ Bake at 350.

4. 5. 6.

Happy St.Patrick day people!

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  1. Whahah! Great Job!! Absolutely!!

    Brava prava, sfida vinta u_u
    Ma vogliamo parlare di quella MERAVIGLIOSA schiarpa?!?! E si anche il vestito u_u E il cibo! *sbav

    Brava brava, adesso penso a un tema per la prossima volta u_u
    Intanto vado a fare i cappelli di cioccolata :Q__

    1. WIN!!! >8D
      La sciarpa fa un po' Nyan cat ("il gatto in mezzo al biscotto che caga arcobaleno" [cit. Collu]), colore assai!!

      Pensa, pensa >:D
      Cappelli formato naturale? Così si sprecano i glomp attack per morsicarli *-*