Monday, 12 March 2012

Monday, nasty monday

I officially hate mondays!
After a wonderful week end, spent with my loved one reading, playing the bass, skating (we went skating, it was sooo cool!!! 8D ) and eating with friends (Alice.. ahehm.. XD ) we had the wonderful news of a temporary business transfer >_>
He'll be gone, next month, after Easter holidays, just for a couple of weeks, but still D: Hopefully in the same period I'll be away too, since my grandma wanted a helper for a little cruise she'll go on with her sister. Now I'm glad I accepted to keep her company..
Anyway.. I'm not here to complain, it's just that the news put me in a bad mood and I decided to finally began a project I'm procastinating since weeks.. just to raise my spirits.

So, I bought this bag for 5€ at the market.

I love it cause it reminds me of those Japanese school bags that I like soo much. BUT! I can't go aroung carrying a bag with Betty Boop dressed as Wonder woman (WTF!! XD ), so I bought some black spray paint..

..and covered the drawing. Now my problem is: what should I do with this awesome black canvas??
I was thinking about spray painting a quote (something nerdy) with a stencil in a neon colour, or maybe I'd make a drawing.. argh, I don't know!! Help, anyone??

Also I need some kawaii-food patterned paper to complete my recipe binder. Does anyone know some nice online shops where I'd find it? Google doesn't help me here XD


  1. As far as the paper... you can check out their crafts dept. will have tons of scrap-booking paper.
    Nothing wrong with the quote idea... I'm always seeing great thoughts on bags, t-shirts etc... go for it! Find one you really like... heck if you get tired of it! You can always change it again right?
    Jean C.

    1. Wow, thank you Jean, the site is very nice!
      I've never thought about it: I can change the look of the bag whenever I want :D yay!
      Thanks for sharing your opinion, I just have to go and buy neon spray paint now 8D