Wednesday, 21 March 2012

DIY from head to toe #4

New Wednesday means new episode! I really hope you're enjoying the serie as much as I'm :)

Rock n Roll stops the traffic
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As you can see I buttonified the banner so who gets featured (and whoever wants to, f course) can share the word more easily.
Enjot now!

From head..

1.Mini top hat @ Off beat bride and 2.Lace and Pompom Headband @ Violet LeBeaux;

1. 2.

3.Ladder of Beads Choker @ Lark crafts and 4.Lolita OP - this tutorial was originally written by an user on Craftster, but it was removed, so I uploaded the copy I own here, on googledocs (all the credits go to the crafty girl who made the tutorial, of course)

3. 4.

5. 6.

7.A Simple Clutch – Ruffles Version @ Flamingo toes and 8.DIY Anthropologie Scarf Flats @ Stars for streetlights.

7. 8. toe!


  1. Thank you so much for including my tutorial :)

  2. Whooo...
    Questo mi piace moltissimo *^* Tutto quanto devo dire u_u

    *va a farsi subito un anello con le orecchie da coniglio*
    E il cappello e la pochette sono spettacolari >w<

    Really a good work, cara >o</

    Tutte queste cose frufru sono colpa del battesimo e dei vestitini frufru della piccola?? xD

    1. Vestito fico, eh? *ammicc*

      Gli anelli vincono e la pochette è così ruffles, però è carina *^* ..ste cose da donna.. ecco sì, colpa del battesimo D:

      Sankyu .___./