Thursday, 1 March 2012

Movies and cosplay

I saw this movie yesterday, called "The women of the 6th floor". A very cute commedy that actually hid important themes..

I'm happy to say I managed to watch several new movies lately and I liked most of them = say hi to my new cinema related board :D

There is still a lot to pin, but little by little I'll fill this one too!

Oh and I forgot that last saturday we went to a comic convention in Mantova. It was nice, even if little, there were few cool cosplays too, like this one from "Howl's moving castle":

Love, love!! Max and I managed to take a photo with them, yay! :D You can see more cosplay photos here and here).

Hum I completed a new project today so stay tuned for a new tutorial and the first episode of the new "DIY from head to toe" serie!!
Good night everyone :3

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