Monday, 26 March 2012

Random post to share random stuff..

..randomly found on the net!

Firt of all my "Bunnylicious Easter" board on Pinterest! If you need ideas for your Easter projects give it a look, it's full of decorating ideas, printables, baskets and BUNNIES!! 8D

And you'd definitely take a look a THIS!! It's the coolest thing I've seen in a bit:

"3-dimensional soft toy that does everything a greetings card should… Made from paper-like plastic it resists water and rips and other general abuse but still remains crisp and easy to write on with a biro. Stuffed and stitched like a real teddy bear it's the perfect way to record how you feel with messages and doodles, then send through the post (by fixing a stamp/address somewhere) to arrive at anything from the birth of a baby to the retirement of a colleague."

Oh my! <3

To continue with the nerdiness.. I just finished watching a very cute Korean drama, "Coffee prince". At the beginning it may seem a bit slow, but as the story goes on it becomes cuter and funnier too. I really had hard times holding back the laughter sometimes, not to talk about the "aww" that just BEGGED to came out of my throat.. probably bacause Choi Han Kyul (in his "in love moments") kinda reminds me of my own boy.. so cute D:

You can read about the plot or watch it on streaming on Drama crazy.

Last thing, a new swap for my Long term blog-pals group @ swap-bot is up:

Swap-bot swap: Ask me anything

"Maybe some of you are familiar with the "Ask me anything" box on Tumblr, if not, it's nothing complicated: you think about an interesting something you'd like to know about your partner and you ask them."

And I'm done with the randomness.. for now! Stay tuned to read the new episode on "DIY from head to toe" and have a nice day ;)

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  1. hey there! my name is Ioanna and i am from Greece! i love your blog and your posts.

    I love anime, mangas, korean dramas (just yesterday i finished "flower boy ramyun shop")

    I left you another comment, but for some reason i cannot see it.
    I asked if you know where i can find a penfriend from Japan (i already have one from Finland, know! Japan is Japan..! )

    Thank you! ^^

    1. Hi there Ioanna (I did red your first comment and replied to it -->! "Flower boy ramyun shop".. hum sounds nice, should I give it a try? :D

      Thanks by the way, I'm very glad you like my blog <3

    2. yes!! now i can see the comments!!! -.- :P

      it was nice! yes! my favorite so far is "boys over flowers" (the manga was better, but the series is great too!). "playfull kiss" [which is based on the anime "itazura na kiss" (i LOVE the anime!)] and "personal taste" are also great!

      as for your previous comment, no, i haven't been in Italy or Japan unfortunately. i don't think i'll ever visit Japan, but Italy, yes, i will someday! ^^

      I like your "DIY from head to toe" posts very much! a very clever idea!
      And of course your projects on cut out & keep. this is me--->

      i hope to talk to you again!! ^^ good night! :)