Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Blogging news

I've reached expansive aims .__.
As you can see I changed the layout, updated the pages on the blog and I linked my tutorials on my favourite crafty blogs. I'd like to give a chance to me and to my blog to grow and offer to whoever cares to read something special and orginal (hopefully).
So I'd like to give you a little preview of the 3 principals news that are about to make their apprearence on Rock 'n Roll stops the traffic. Drumrolls, please!


"DIY from head to toe" serie. Weekly posts, fashion related tutorials to dress yourself from head to toe, diy-ly :D I'd like to make something similar for home related crafts too.. we'll see.

I'll add a "Give it a try" session in the tutorial page to show you all the tutorials writter by other crafters and used by me for my own projects.

I noticed I've a lot of fashion magazine pages in my collection that I took from the net. They're full of very lovely outfit and it's a pity to leave them unused in my folders, so I thought I'd share. Maybe they'll be inspire the project of your life 8D

I'd also like to resume the photography posting. I kinda miss it..
Speaking of which, I saw this awesome post today on Digital photography school: Moon games. Amazing photos <3

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