Sunday, 14 October 2012

Finds of the week #3

Other finds after my w/e :D

- Check out these photos of Gabriel Dawe's thread art, isn't it cool? And these aerial shots of Iceland's Volcanic Rivers are stunning as well (via Honestly WTF)

- Season with spice shared an illustrated version of herbs basic by Illustrated bites. I really like illustrated recipes, they're so pretty! If you do too make sure to check They Draw and cook out!

- Octopus costume. No need to say more. WIN.

- Need organizing inspiration? I heart organizing will help you a lot with her tips!

- These shaving pencil illustrations are made of win, just as these light paintings photos <3

- Disney princess the creepy way? Take a look at these zombie-fied versions. And villians happy endings!

- 9 ways to make travels photography easier!

- I'd not believe that this pretty necklace was made out pistachio shells.. it looks like a beautiful flower <3

- Love this Buzz Lightyear costume made out of baloons (via Cat Morley).

- Yay for Halloween bentos!!

- More outdoor pretty photos.

That's all for today, have a happy week :)

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