Friday, 26 October 2012

Weekend at the movies #1

Here I'm, ready to start a new series. As you may have noticed I'm trying to concentrate all the things I love in these little weekly appointments to share everything I enjoy. I really hope this'll be useful for you, to discover new favourites :)
Now! since it's Friday, let's talk about movies!

Months ago Max made me watch "[Rec]2". I won't comment on that one (the only words that pop in my mind when I think about it are: creepy, GROSS, ghoulish and believe me, after the end, you won't kiss anyone for days! UGH!) but I love horror movies and, despite this one is from the same director, when I red about it I got curious so I decided to give it a shot. I've not watched it yet, I'll do it this w/e so I can't guarantee anything..

Title: Sleep tight  (original: Mientras duermes)
Director: Jaume Balaguerò
Gender: Horror
Year: 2011

Click for the trailer..

I'll let you know!
Again suggestion here to watch something new are more than welcomed :) Have a nice w/e!

Ok, I actually watched the movie.. I really not sure if I liked it, the whole idea behind it is simply sick! It's not even scary, it's just very twisted. I guess it makes you think that there is no need for monsters, human beings are perfectly capable of doing the most terrible things to each other..


  1. *fugge*
    Mi chiedo ancora perche' ho ceduto a gente che mi pulsava per guardare Paranormal Activity .__.

    1. Macs mi ha fatto vedere anche qllo XD ..che però è una cagata >_> Uno veramente spaventevole è Insidious *ha ancora gli incubi*