Sunday, 28 October 2012

Finds of the week #5

Sunday links!

- Halloween party in the woods.. that must be pretty spooky!

- Let's show some love for one of the best colours ever: Oxblood!

- Who'd not want this clear kayak is made of win!!!

- If you're a letter fan take a look at this lovely collection.

- How to improve your handwriting - tips. I definitely need these >_>

- Love these pretty mechanical pencils @ Cool Pencil Case: Rilakkuma and Sentimental circus versions <3 <3

- Apparently wild animals can become all soft and tender.. at least according to this softener commercial.

- Just discovered this awesome FB page: Art & Design, very interesting and inspiring images. Here you go some favourites:



- 12 ways to capture the colours of fall, which are so pretty.

- Jellyfish art installation in an airport. So jellyfish-y :) (via MAKE)

- A collection of 65 DIY costume tutorials. wow.  

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