Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A long, snowy day

Meh D: I really wanted to share my valentine craft round-up today but I had a long day and I'm kinda tired, I just want to go to bedzzzzzzzzzzzzz..
I had to go to Parma to do an exam this evening and, well.. it snowed yesterday, just two flakes huh >_>

This is the park in front of my university:

Can you imagine how fun it was to walk through it? XD
Oh and when I got to the station to go back home I saw the most adorable thing! :D Look at this guy here:

Naw >w< (sorry for the crappy pic, blame my phone)

Bed now, tomorrow I've to get up early to do some exercises for the last exam of this session.. sigh D: At least January is over, YAY!!
Come back to see the valentine roud-up, ok? :D

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