Thursday, 7 June 2012

Work in progress

My my, two weeks of no posting and it's June already. Finally I can feel the summer coming, yay!
But before celebrating and relaxing there is the stupid summer session of countless exams to sit for. A bit less yay >_>
Anyway, I'm not here to complain, I sat for 3 already and now I've a free week so.. break!!
And I'm here with more pictures for you :D


I made another silly drawing on my notebook to celebrate the beginning of the new month!
And look how sparkly my new gold-flakes nail polish is 8D I used it a couple of times with black and purple base, it wins!
It was a beautiful sunny day when I went to uni last week to take the first exam, so while walking through the park to go to the station I took that photo.. not bad.

Talking about photography I stumbled upon this shoots, Alice themed. I love this Queen of Hearts and the card girl, hair and outfit, it's kinda sexy >:D

Let's talk about more crafty things now! Do you remember my boxy leather bag?

This one! I finally decided what to do, even if I'm taking my time with the execution XD.. I'm doing it step by monthly step..
This is the it's new face, 2/3 done!


Wiii, sparkly!! 8D I like but I feel like something is missing. I didn't want to rush it so I began to use the bag like this, waiting for inspiration to come. And guess what, it did!
I remembered this picture I saw in a magazine ages ago: I made a draft and collected the materials:


Step 3 is coming soooooon (hopefully)!
And I'm making plushie too :D

Oh, I finally "flipped through" last month magazine, stay tuned to see a selection of favourites ;D

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