Friday, 22 June 2012

Oku to pasu

Hi to all my students fellow!
I can finally take a break from this crazy week, I'm kinda exhausted xD Anyway I just wanted to share a little something that put a silly smile on my face during these days (and believe me I needed it!).
So, I'm a fan of a FB page called "Giappone nel cuore" (means "Japan in the heart") and few days ago it posted this picture:

The captation (is in Italian, you can read a quick translation following) says:

"An octopus to pass exams ~ \ \ (^ o ^) / ~ / ~
One of the most used Japan's "rituals" in the proximity of an exam, consists in putting  the statuette of an octopus on the desk. This octopus can be a plushie, made of plastic or of different materials and it can be in different shapes and colours: it does not matter.
You've to know that in Japanese the word "octopuscan be said in two ways: "tako", using the native
word, or "octopus", as in English. The word "octopus" is transliterated in Katakana as "OKUTOPASU". This word can be read as a little phrase: dividing it, you obtain "OKU TO PASU( = if you put it down, you pass).
It's t
hanks to this "good luck formula" that the polyp was elected as the supreme luck charm of Saints Students and it's sold in the stores in all shapes and colours.

So, wanna see mine? 8D

I must say it kinda worked (I found the tests easier that the usual, but that'd be because I studied xD ),
but before cheering I'll wait for the marks, then I'll decide if I'd keep taking it with me xD
So any strange/cute good luck charms out there? :)

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