Friday, 8 June 2012

May's favourites

So, May's favourites: just few pretty things I saw surfing around..
Like these earrings. Robots and fabric dotty flowers.. cute.

Have you ever seen Sentimental circus' stuff? lovelovelove

And some magazine pages I found inspiring.. from Kera and Ray, May's issues:

I must admit I'm secretly in love with nautical style. Blue, red and white? Yes, please!

And I like under-breas cut dresses, like these.. the first one'd make a pretty beachy cover up


I don't know japanese but, considering the pictures I'd say that this is an easy was to embellish summer sandlas on your own..

Love braids and this updo is very lovely!

A simple make up..


..and a rock-ish one!   


I kinda love lolotaƬs dress.. I'd never wear one, I'd look ridiculous, but they're cute and some girls looks like they'r made to wear them, they look so natural..


[Images credit to the lovely girls who scanned the magazines]

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